Birthday day

Today is my partners Birthday which means she can make us work like slaves all day :), we have her Parents down for a couple of days which is great.

I am planning on taking her out for Dinner tonight somewhere.

I knew she wanted a nice Lamp that was down town so i got it a couple of days ago, she is VERY pleased with it and i must say it looks really great


For Lunchy wunchy we have prepared this feast for her, some nice club sandwiches
Some nice little piklets with jam & cream on them
Some mini little pie's of varying flavors


Some more Junky stuff with cheese & dips

And finally the sponge cake we decorated


Happy birthday to my Darling and i hope you have a great Birthday

I am @kiwiscanfly


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Muchas felicitaciones a su pareja. Si que se ha destacado en sorprender y deleitar a su pareja con esas ricas comida y hermoso pastel.

La lámpara es muy hermosa, son detalles que traen mucha felicidad.

Felicidades y que sigan los éxitos.

Thanks for that - lunch was yummy as well

have a good one

A very nice present! And, you had the day mapped out nicely. She will be very pleased, I am sure. Enjoy your dinner!

Thanks for that - we just got back from Dinner which was lovely - food was great

Happy Birthday to Your Partner. Wishing your Partner even more happiness and continued success with You and Your Family.
Today must be a very special day for your family. Preparations to celebrate with a Birthday Cake as well as a variety of very delicious food you have prepared. Amazing Days for Your Family.

Thank you my man for that, it's been a great day

Have a good day brother

I wish your partner a peaceful and cheerful age 🌷 It's a great day to be her slave😄 The lamp gift is also a very nice design. The food you prepared also looks delicious. Happy days to all of you 🌸
Greetings to Smudge too 🤗

Thank you for that - i will tell Smudge ;)

Best wishes for your darling.
The food looks delicious

The food was very nice thank you - a good day all around

Sorry for late reply. Happy Birthday to your wife. All food looks so delicious and nicely decorated. awesome!

felicidades amigo, espero haya disfrutado su día muchas bendiciones

[WhereIn Android] (

felicidades amigo, espero haya disfrutado su día muchas bendiciones

[WhereIn Android] (

there seems to be a lot of food that makes me want to enjoy it

Happy birthday to your partner and family, we wish you continued success.

Greetings friend, congratulations to your partner and to you also for having those nice details with her. The lamp is very cute and elegant, you do have good tastes. All the food looks divine hehe, blessings friend that you continue to have a good time.

thank you for that

Hope all is good with you :)

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