Beach walk then Dinner 🦘🦘🦘🦘

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After my morning walk around this afternoon i decided to go and get something to eat, but before that with the sun out i decided to go for a walk along the beach and feel the sand between my toes.

This is the view that greeted me from the front of my Hotel ☀️
The walk along the beach was very nice with the sun out and a light breeze, i managed to walk another 5.5 kilometers which gives me a grand total today of 15.3 kilometers.
I went into town and found a place called the Jetty cafe and ordered Steak with mushroom sauce that came with mashed potatoes, plus a coffee which added up to $37.53 AUS dollars.
I was just going to get boring Subway again but as i was walking past the Jetty cafe i could see some Steak meal being delivered, that was all i needed to go inside.
It was a 300 gram piece of rump which i had medium plus some mashed potatoes & mushroom sauce, i also got a coffee which was also very nice and now i am full and ready for work tonight.
oh yeah and salad

The weather is supposed to be sunny for my last 3 days here in Adelaide, next Monday i fly to Perth which should be warmer again - Perth is having 32 degrees today.

That has been my afternoon in Adelaide - consider yourself updated.

Oh here is a YT short i took this afternoon - be sure to like and subscribe 😄🦘

Thank you for reading my post

all pics are mine
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I am @kiwiscanfly 🥝🐔



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It looks like you’re having a lovely time. Have you got any theme park trips planned?

In Adelaide they dont have any theme parks - boooo

In Perth they have one but i think i would be working when its open - double boooo

Hope all is good with you my man

In Perth they have one but i think i would be working when its open - double boooo


All stressed here…. Every day something shit happens, not like little shit, but proper shit. Recently including the blogged about trip to hospital and then on Monday, my plumber pumping at least 2 holes up through our new bathroom above where he was working. 2 holes straight through the underfloor heating and tiles.

I need a holiday. On my own.

Oh no... the gorillas are dogged by bad luck.
I hope it will end soon.

Thank you - it feels like there's a new "challenge" every day at the moment so a quiet day will be a good day 🌞

So you are saying that the plumber added drain holes for the bathroom?

What a tard

It's not ideal. I just hope that he can fix it!

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Beach walk should be amazing because I never had it in my real life yet. I liked the coffee you had, it looks good. Green tea is healthy but its been such a long time when I had it. I'm a coffee addict.

@kiwiscanfly you sure are having a lovely time.You have summer coming in your part of the world. We will be having autumn.
This change of season here inspired me to write this:
Check this whenever you have time:
Do update us how was the weather in Perth. Happy Travels

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