My Tuesday 🚶

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Merry Tuesday to all of you on this Sunny day here in New Zealand, i have had a reasonably active day with 4 x walks while still manging to clean a shower and do 2 x loads of washing.
There may have been some other household tasks but nothing major, while all this was going on Kat was asleep and unresponsive 💤💤💤💤
The above 2 x shots are from my last walk which i started after i got back from collecting the kids from School, it was just a shade under 40 minutes and was lovely in the late day sun.


For Dinner tonight we are going to use up the left over Roast chicken from last night, we will add Rice and vegetables to the Chicken. Nothing flash but we get to use the chicken and not just feed Katface with little bits.

Here is a screenshot of the Myzone app i use which shows

💞heart rate


🔥calories burned

🔢 Meps

This shot is from my last walk i just completed which did include a couple bursts of running which will show up on the graph as green 🟩

Right i better i go and start thinking about dinner prep not that there is much, i hope YOUR Tuesday has been more thrilling than mine....actually i wouldn't change my day anyway!

Have a good day

all pics/screenshots are kats
smudge thinks he should get the leftover 🍗

I am @kiwiscanfly 🐔



Owh..I wish I could be there...on the road you're walk on... your photo shows a clean and comfortable road to walk on...
I also love walking... sometimes I travel to a place that is a few hundred metres from my house on foot...

I hope I can visit your country someday... to see the beautiful atmosphere and scenery in your country...

That would be great if you could visit :)

Hopefully someday..

Vaya, mi martes apenas está iniciando (mientras escribo este comentario), pero si sera igual de genial que el suyo estoy seguro que terminaré el día con una gran sonrisa.

How's your Tuesday going?

You live in a nice quiet area. It always amazes me to see not a highrise buildiing in sight. Such a contrary to the sitiuation here. :-)

Aren't you the little housewife 😉
It sounds like a fairly typical day for me

Thank you, friend!
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Thanks for that
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Why does he have to get leftovers?

Shuts him up for 10 minutes...

Fair enough!

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