10K in 76 Minutes

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After a couple of cloudy rainy days today we have a stunning Autumn day, i got up around 7am and had a couple of coffees before heading off.

I was initially only planning a 3 or 6K walk but it was so nice i decided to go further, and since it was so cold i decided to mix the walking up with a few little jogging bits.

Feels really good to be typing at 9.45am this morning that i have already done 10K, i do plan on another couple of walks later today to boost my total of kilometers walked.

This has been my week with walking and you will see on Wednesday i managed a huge 14K 😆

We are just about at the end of April and i have not worked a day in this calendar month, in May i have some work in Queensland Australia then 3 odd weeks in Melbourne.
Oh before i forget we caught a little mouse this morning after setting a couple of traps yesterday, we only get mouses 2 ways in this house - either cat brings it in or it comes in by itself due to the seasons changing.

We used a trap that does not kill the mouse but traps it, this morning i got up and saw the trap had moved a little and there was a little mouse inside.

Took that trap outside and let him go.

Enjoy your Saturday wherever you are worldwide!

all pics are mine
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I am @kiwiscanfly 🥝🐔



I can't believe a mouse found its way in with Smudge hanging around! but that's the specialty of them 😉

I usually take 02 hours to complete 10K.. this is super fast in that sense.

If you are doing 10K then the time doesn't really matter as much as the 10K itself.

One other time Smudge did bring a live mouse inside - dropped it then left

we caught the mouse about 2 x days later 😎

Ha ha.. he is trying to prove that he can catch them 😂

Amazing 😍

Even your cat was like wow🤩🤩🤩 10k in just 1hrs: 16mins. Interesting

Great job, i love the dimension you snapped the second shots... Very nice view!

Thanks for that

Cat will cuddle anyone if they have steak LOL

Thank you, friend!
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Autumn is my property season

Is it 10 kilometers? Is it true? 😲
I didn't expect that in just 1 hour you had passed it, I'm sure that you will follow the marathon route perfectly... 👍
It looks very beautiful there, the roads and trees are beautiful...
You will be busy next month, and yes, I thought mice only existed in villages close to rice fields, apparently mice don't know anything...
I heard that it is one of the animals that should not be killed because one dead animal means we invite 5 other animals into the house, I think that is true.....

Happy Saturday too sir,... ☕

Yep 10 Kilometers and just did another 4K after lunch

And the mouse got to live

Amazing Mr.... 🤓👍

The view of walking so nice , you did I great job..of walking 10K..

Stay healthy and be happy

Thank you i felt better for doing it

Sure.. sport making our life healthy

Hola amigo, excelente tus 10 Km, estás entrenando para un maratón?
Yo aun no he corrido uno, son palabras mayores, pero no lo descarto, por los momentos solo competencias de 10K y hasta medio maraton.
Saludos, te deseo mucho éxito en tu entrenamiento.

Nah just trying to stay active

You should do it

Looking at the trees - yep! It is defiitely Autumn.

10 Km in 1hr 16 mins. That is good timing. It is nice to be young and energetic. I do 8 Km in one and a hours and my legs were beginning to feel wobbly at the end of it.

Smudge has been slacking. You let the mouse go? Won't it come back - again, and again, when it realises the landlord is so kind. You should barbeque it and feed it to Smudge. 😂

Smudge probably brought it in, he has done that before and got bored with it :)

I missed smudge approved post last few day, finally it is here heheh! I wish you walk more and break all the previous records. Undoubtedly, walking is good for our health.

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