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This morning while checking the tag it is clear that our link spammers are putting in some effort to look normal :) 🧐🧐

Here are some examples
At first glance they look half legit until you see the body of their posts is link spam central
At least they try...
The below one needs help on being less obvious

I still found 30 accounts that need to be nuked


I am hoping @steemcurator01 can once again pass this list to the Steemit Engineering Team to remove the sign up 15sp

Here is my downvoting stats

Lets keep hammering the spammers

all screenshots/flags are mine

Kind regards @kiwi-crypto


Thank you - now packed up and ready for dispatch...

Its like ground hog day - i got another 30 for you

have a super steemit day from us here in NZ

Do they never rest...

Thank you again