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Some link spammers are still evolving by trying to look like regular accounts when posting their link spam, adding pictures is one of the latest tactics i have noticed - it does make it slightly harder to identify.

Here are some examples of that




The body of the posts is not just links anymorem they are spacing it out in between what i assume would be copied text


Tonight was hard to find as many spammers as previous weeks but still managed to find these 15 accounts🧐🧐🧐🧐


There are bound to me more

all have been flagged and i encourage you to as well


Its good to see less spam tonight and hopefully that continues

Anyway that's all i got :)

have a good day where ever you are, all screenshots/flags are mine

Kind Regards @kiwi-crypto



Oh dear, #smarterspammers.

Now packed up and awaiting dispatch...

Thank you