Delegation to @endingplagiarism + I made it to 18K STEEM POWER 😎

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Its been great to see an increased focus of late on plagiarism around Steemit, this does need to be kept in check especially when you have big Curator accounts trying to ensure everyone gets fairly rewarded for THEIR OWN WORK.

Recently @the-gorilla created an account @endingplagiarism to help combat plagiarism on Steem. this has received some great community support which is what we need.


After talking with the 🦍 tonight, he mentioned that @steemchiller had delegated to the @endingplagiarism account, i decided to do the same


if you want to delegate to @endingplagiarism drop a comment below

In other news i made it past 18,000SP and have some recently acquired SBD's to sell. getting closer to 20K


thats all, i am now off to buy some more steem and watch some TV

Kind Regards @kiwi-crypto 🐬🐬🐬



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Plagiarism is not a trivial offense!!!
"Farming" via "High Investing Return Services" is in my eyes another problem, which is apparently "allowed", but burdens the common ecosystem even more.


@endingplagiarism is actually committing this egregious offense

Awesome kiwi-crypto getting closer to that 20k, Steem fell abit in price so you might get a little extra.


congratulations and thumbs up. 👍


would love to have a look thanks , will get back to you soon

I'm living in your head rent free


Plagiarisme harus dibasmi...

good work done

Good work. Let's end plagiarism now.

18,000 SP is already a good result in such a short period! I remember you had 5,000 SP. @ kiwi-crypto wish you good luck and reach 20 K!!!

Just saw that ending plagiarism was created a few days ago. Who was doing that job until now? As I already commented on his profile and steemitcurators, that should be a better way to report spam and plagiarism. A Telegram group or discord would be nice. And I believe 1 person is not enough to patrol a network like Steemit. Can others apply for a similar position? And why steem blog or whoever is on top doesn't provide the funds instead of relying on users like you?

@kiwi-crypto - Have you read my latest post?

I saw the upvote but it needs reading.

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