Pen: Knowledge!

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Everyone says that you have to respect the materials of knowledge. But guy who wrote with me probably hasn't thought about it yet. He uses me more for other purposes than for writing. Such as scratching the ear, using it as a drumstick, hitting it, using it as a biting object, etc. Don't you understand that I'm in trouble too? I am also a man of flesh and blood, I mean a plastic ink pen. You should at least show me some of its kindness. But I'm proud for a reason that I'm the only pen that's been with this guy for a long time.

Photo Taken
Man will never be able to stay with a pen brother of my kind for long. Either he gets lost, or the head of the pen is broken in a very painful and cruel way. For this reason, the boy is known as a terrible monster in the corral community. The boy does not usually use me to write anything meaningful. I am more used to nonsense like this writing. Anyway, at least I didn't go downstairs without explaining first. I mean, the ink is gone. I feel like my time is coming to an end. I say goodbye to all pens.

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