Let The Show Begin: Introducing The Ultimate Way to Earn STEEM As Passive Income!

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In order to help all the Minnows (small accounts) on Steemit, and not only, i came up with the idea of this Project.
If you will join you will start earning STEEM as Passive Income every single day, and with that in mind let's go straight in to the subject...


Passive Income - How to make STEEM by delegating Steem Power to @georgemales?

If you delegate Steem Power to my account (@georgemales) you will start earning STEEM every single day based on this formula:

A*19.89%/365= Your daily reward

Practical example:
Let's say you will delegate 250 Steem Power
250*19.89%/365= 0.136 STEEM

So if you delegate 250 Steem Power you will receive daily in your account 0.136 STEEM. You can replace in the formula with any amount and find out your daily rewards. As well keep in my that 19.89% is already 2% higher then the lease market right now, and i will always keep it like this so you can earn more!

But wait... there is more!

Since the Project will run every single day, but from Monday to Friday, in the week-ends,(Saturday and Sunday) all the Delegators will receive on their posts 2 votes with full 100% Steem Power from my account. In this moment my account holds 11525 Steem Power...
If you did not post in the last five days, there is no problem as you will receive you daily reward.

As you can see it's simple and straight to the point and no matter what; it's 100% a WIN-WIN situation for all the Delegators!


mmm that sounds like a good plan - great idea

I am glad you like it... I have already few people who wrote me and want to join as well. Let me know if you are in!

Once I have a sufficient amount of Steem Power, I would definitely be interested in taking up your offer.

I am really glad you like the project and you should know that is not really necessary to start with a big amount of Steem Power. You can start with a smaller amount and then from time to time you can increase it!

Great way to BUILD on the network.

I am relooking my delegations and will be revisiting you soon.

I am glad you like the project!😉