I am in charge

With a mate away overseas i am in charge of his Grow tent, he is travelling around and was in Paris by the Eifel tower yesterday which looked awesome especially at night.

When i went over to check on the Automatic water system the lights were off as these are now on a 12/12 lighting schedule due to being in the Flowering stage.

I also gave them a manual watering while i was there, its a jungle in there and i struggled to reach the back ones.

What do they get fed?

Whatever liquid they get needs to be at a PH level of 6.5 as they are in soil, hydro setups i think prefer their liquid to be a PH of 6.0.

So with that said on the left is a Flairform product that can be used in both Vegetative and flowering states.

On the right is a Canna Boost product that is used with the Flairform one in Flowering only. I need to get a new container of the Canna Boost!



PH Down

Ok on the right is a Blood and bone $2 bottle which was being added to every 5th or so watering's, on the left is what is used when the need to drop the PH level to around 6.5 - this only takes a drop to lower it.




This is the Bluelab PH pen we use to make sure the PH is around t 6.5PH which is easy to use, and it also shows the water temp, this cost around $80USD and its calibrated it every 30 days.



Here is a link to the light being used
This new light has seen a few full Autoflower grows so far and the results have been very impressive, the growth was way ahead of the previous light.
600w Quantum PAR - Samsung LM301b LED Grow Light

My mate is away for 16 odd days so i will be back there checking things out in another 5 or so days.

Thanks for reading my post

Blaze on @dr-autoflower


Sounds like a very delicate plant and needs of tender loving care. 😊

The more you care the better the quality. In theory...

One day we will be able to send through the blockchain!

I have to wonder if the Honey Bees like them... If so, do you think they would make good Honey...???

I didnt know until i just looked it up

No nectar in Weed, so they not attracted that way... but they can use the weed plant as part of cleaning their Hive.

Some beekeepers have observed that bees can feed on cannabis and may use some of its resin to make propolis, a substance that helps repair and clean the hive.

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