Price of Tears

in #steemexclusive3 years ago

image by @xpilar

Calmness envelops the vibrant green,
I reminisce and reflect on the water,
of what might have been.

Should I've stayed frozen in concrete,
or woken up by a crimson sky,
with not a soul to greet.

The city never saw my crying face,
that was lost in the dark smog,
so I left behind the human race.

My tears are wiped by a gentle breeze,
as they fall down as diamonds,
on suddenly sparkling seas.


A lovely bit of poetry!
It's been a while since I've seen your name in my feed! :-)

How are you @amberyooper, active on discord?

I'm hardly on Discord these days, youtube seems to occupy a lot of the time that I used to spend on Discord.

beautifull ❤️

[WhereIn Android] (

Thanks for beautiful poetry @diebitch

Beautiful poem @diebitch

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