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In the run-up to the release of the new Steemeum Android app v2.0, the Steemeum website and the daily miner and statistics posts are updated.



Website updates

The website didn't have much dynamical data presented to inform specifically the new to Steem users, and for this reason the following elements have been added to the website.


Countdown till next payout

To let visitors of the website know when the virtual mobile miner rewards are send out, a countdown clock is added that countdown every week: the days, hours, minutes, and seconds remaining until the next SBD transfers each Sunday 12:00 UTC.


Rewards countdown timer, and displaying underneath it the total SBD rewards in the pool.


Total rewards in the pool

Under the new countdown timer is now also displayed, the total rewards in the pool for that moment. During the week this number grows, and it will be back on 0 after the payout on Sunday.

(The accuracy could vary depending on the by Steemeum received, weekly gathered liquid rewards, be in SBD or STEEM. This moment it is accurate)


Steem blockchain activity viewer

New to Steem users that visit the Steemeum website maybe have no idea of what Steem have to offer, and for this reason beneath the brief Steem blockchain explanation, is added a live Steem blockchain activity viewer.

If you want to have similar functionality on your website, have a look at the Steem tutorials from @gokulnk and @sogata.


Screenshots from the updated website with the new elements and image updates:



Daily miner and statistics post update

The daily miner and statistics post is updated to also represent the upcoming app update and be more informing and inviting.

  • Images are updated and now show the screens of the new app (and are dark mode compatible)
  • Statistics are put into tables.
  • Graphic elements added to make it more in line with the website and app look and feel
  • Textual updates



Future improvements for the statistics are to add line charts based on historical data.

Planned updates for the website are to display the rankings of the Steemeum users for that week, and show the average weekly payouts.


Read more about Steemeum in the introduction posts, Join the Steemeum beta on Discord.



Steemeum is and can be funded with Fundition.






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Great job so far guys! Ive been mining with the app for about 3 weeks now and payouts have been good :) Excited to see more updates in the future


@gingerninja, thanks for your comment, and happy to hear your feedback.

Good job @steemeum! Suggestion: Perhaps adding referral?

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Thank you @robmojo, a referral system is on the wish list, thanks for requesting / suggesting.


Awesome! Looking forward!

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What exactly does it mine?... And how?

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Hi @igormuba, users mine time, and compete with each other and are rewarded based on the gathered time by the user each week.

In the introduction post is the project explained in detail:

Hope to join to testers of @steemeum app!

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You are added to the Steemeum testers group, Thanks for joining

Aweeome. I didnt get my yestardays pay out. Could anything be wrong?