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good evening steemians !!!
how are you tonight, on this occasion I would like to discuss about the phenomenon of the importance of smartphones in our lives not to be questioned again. Do not imagine what would happen without this little thing?
Talk about smartphone, brand or brand of smartphone what the hell are you using right now? Do you already know what your smartphone logo means?
Everything has a unique history and meaning-unique tablets. Curious? Check out the following explanation yes.

1.Samsung logo

The king of smartphones from South Korea has been established since 1938 loh. Samsung in Korean means 'three star'.
This name was chosen by Samsung's founder, Lee Byung-chull. With hope, one day Samsung can grow strong and become immortal like a star in the sky.
The selection of the number three also turned out to have the same meaning with the expectations of Lee Byung-chull. The number three is a symbol in Korean, which represents something big and powerful.
Samsung itself has several times to change its logo. Three stars seen in the evolution of the Samsung logo from 1950 to 1992.
Now the Samsung logo does look simple, there is only Samsung writing and blue ellipse behind it. From this logo, they want to show their ambition to make Samsung the center of attention in the universe and not just a star.

2.Apple logo


Apple's American smartphone company is always synonymous with the bitten apple logo that became his face. However, have you ever wondered why Apple's apple logo bitten?
Various theories and stories are called behind the unique logo. Steve Jobs the founder is the man behind the logo selection.
Maybe you're wondering, why is Apple's company logo bitten? There are many theories and stories called behind the unique logo.
Steve Jobs the founder is the man behind the logo selection. The logo of the apple is said to be a symbol of a source of knowledge because it inspired Sir Isaac Newton to discover the theory of gravity. So, Apple will always be passionate and eager to innovate.

3.Xiaomi logo


Xiaomi is a Chinese technology company established in 2010. Its smartphone product itself was just released 3 years later, precisely in 2013.
Although carrying the name Xiaomi, but they are just put a logo with the letters M and I. This is because Xiaomi has a vision to penetrate the international market.
The correct Xiaomi's pronunciation is Xiaomi (Shao-Mi) and Shao's word tends to be difficult to pronounce so that only its MI is embedded on its smartphone which stands for Mobile Internet or Mission Impossible.

4.Asus logo


Indonesians easily say it as usual: A-Sus. But according to the Taiwanese company, the correct way to read Asus is 'Ei-seus.' So pronounce it as we read Asus in English.
Asus itself is a cutting of the word Pegasus, which is believed to be a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Asus also hopes to embody the power, purity, and soul of adventure like this magical horse through every product it creates.

5.Huawei logo


In Indonesia, Huawei's smartphone may still be underestimated. However, did you know that Huawei is the 3rd largest smartphone manufacturer in the world?
In addition to Huawei's name, its own brand uses a flower-shaped logo. This is a symbolization of the Hua syllable that can mean petals or can also mean a lavish and luxurious in Mandarin.
While the second syllable of Wei has meaning achievement, achievement, or action in Mandarin. So it can be concluded Huawei logo symbolizes the achievement that surge or boast.
In line with Huawei's committed principle of constantly evolving and innovating to meet customer satisfaction.

The final word
Well that's the meaning of 5 famous smartphone logos, ranging from Samsung to Huawei. So, what is your favorite smartphone brand and what is the reason? Share yes in the comments field