Steemit Engagement Challenge S4-W2| My Favourite Product: "Gimbal" By @davllinc007

Hello! Dear Stemians, I trust that you all have been well. It has been some time I was on here last and am supper excited to be back. It's actually my first time participating in the Steemit Engagement Challenge and through the Steem Entrepreneurs Community I'd like to say a big thank You for this opportunity as I find this engagement interesting, innovative, and no doubt educative.
The theme for this challenge being:

"Why Do You Like The Product?"

Sends a ripple down to the audience as to what to expect and also the curiosity to discover something new is indeed plausible.

The product I really like and would be glad to shear with you is the Gimbal specifically the Zhiyun-Tech WeeBill-S Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer model.


I am very much into Photography and Videography but I do more of videography. I first came across the Zhiyun-Tech WeeBill-S Handheld Gimbal at a studio I worked for primarily handling video works ranging from wedding video shoots, to cooperate events and birthday shoots, working with the Gimbal for most of my video works has definitely made filming and shoot scenes much more easier and pleasing, reducing shakes to a considerable extent without having to stress much when editing the footage.


What is a Gimbal?

Imagine you want to film a scene where, for example a character is running from one end to another in a tracking shot (shot where the camera follows backward, forward or moves alongside the subject being recorded) so you decide to hold your digital camera in your hand while you shoot, the resulting footage, however, is too shaky for your taste. When what you’re trying to achieve is the sort of silky smooth footage from a Christopher Nolan film, this is where the gimbal comes in.

A gimbal is a handheld device that allows you mount a digital camera on it and perfectly balances the weight of the camera so that you can effortlessly move it horizontally and vertically, it is equipped with motion detectors within them to sense any unwanted movements for the purpose of capturing stabilized, smooth footage from your camera while moving, the main aim of the gimbal is to eliminate shakes in your footage due to movements while shooting. The gimbal brings an effortless shooting experience like never before.

The Gimbal can be operated conveniently by a single cameraman, allowing filming to be more convenient giving professional videographers and even personal content creators an extra edge.

How To Use A Gimbal

A camera is first properly fixed and balanced on the gimbal before turning it on, and afterwards the gimbal is calibrated to steady the camera on it to avoid any vibration or shaking once filming starts. Also, it's important to check how long the gimbal’s battery lasts, and ensure it’s fully charged before a shoot.


Another interesting feature is the ability to control various functions and settings of your camera and gimbal directly from your smartphone screen through the ZY play app which makes operations even easier.
The gimbal has a couple of shooting modes for various events, it's best to master the modes so as to know when and what particular mode to use.
Gimbals can be used to achieve scenes worthy of big-budget movie.

Is It Worth Getting A Gimbal?

As with all camera equipment, gimbals aren’t cheap; Depending on what camera you’re using, a starter gimbal can cost anything from $100 to $1,100.


Gimbals are also available for mobile phones and not only digital cameras so I would say yes it's worth it, everyone would prefer a quality video work and with a Gimbal you can achieve that.


ModelZhiyun WeeBill-S
Sync Motion SensorEquipped
Mobile Phone Application AdaptationEquipped
Electronic Focusing and Mechanical Focus/ZoomEquipped
Tilting Angle360°
Automatic Adaptation Control AlgorithmEquipped
Panning Angle360°
Two-in-One Quick Release PlateEquipped
Battery Run Time14 hrs

I want to say a big Thank You to this Platform for this opportunity to showcase the product I like and why.
Thanks in anticipation to the wonderful Users that would go through my post and I will appreciate Your feedback, thanks again.

DeviceRedmi 9c
LocationNigeria, Abuja

Am inviting @hvr, @dobartim & @Thetimetravelerz to join the Challenge and showcase their great products.

Yay, it's been a fun experience so far, glad to have been part of this challenge
Best Wishes :)


This is a very useful product, we can make any object look in focus with this product,
This is your need and you make it very useful and can support your activities with this product let alone 14 hours of operation, wow this is a good product
Good luck with the contest

Of course Thank you, indeed this product really eases work time and comfortability while filming..
Wish you success as well 👍

You are welcome brother....

Hola amigo, por lo que describes es producto bien importante y más realizar las grabaciones, gracias por presentarnos el Gimbal. Te deseo mucho éxito.

muchas gracias yo tambien te deseo exito

Pdroduk which is very good for shooting, I hope to have it, this way I am also a little interested in macrophotography

Good luck comrades🙏

I sincerely hope you end up getting a gimbal for your work, it's going to be a plus to your productivity.
Thanks for your feedback and good luck as well.

You're welcome🙏

If you are someone who likes to make videos, then this tool is very useful for you and you are very right in choosing the item. Success for you.

I also share posts about items that I like, if you have time please see it and I am very happy.

Alright sure
Thanks for your feedback..

I enjoy reading the articles you share, nice to meet people like you. I will wait for you.

Thanks once again, I've checked your entry and I find it well detailed and composed, nice one and good luck..

Thank you for the warm response and I feel happy.

Me encantaron tus fotos, haces un excelente trabajo... sigue así

wow muchas gracias se los agradezco ok

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