Transfer script for tokens

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Steem Engine Token Transfer Script

You will need to change some inputs in app.js

You can download the code at:

const dsteem = require('dsteem');
const client = new dsteem.Client('');

const account = 'steemdevelopment'; // Change to your username
const active_key = 'key'; // change to your active key
const token_symbol = 'FREEX'; // change to your coin symbol that you want to transfer
const to_person = 'freedomex'; // change to the person who will receive coins from you
const token_amount = '1.335'; // change to the amount of tokens you wish to send
const transaction_memo = 'Exchange Testing'; // change to memo you want to put

const custom_json = (my_id, my_data) => {
    const key = dsteem.PrivateKey.fromString(active_key);

        required_auths: [account],
        required_posting_auths: [],
        id: my_id,
        json: JSON.stringify(my_data),
    }, key).then(
        result => { console.log(result) },
        error => { console.error(error) }

custom_json('ssc-mainnet1', {'contractName':'tokens', 'contractAction':'transfer','contractPayload':{'symbol': token_symbol,'to': to_person,'quantity': token_amount,'memo': transaction_memo}});

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Thank you for your contribution @steemdevelopment It looks like this is your first contribution on utopian! well done.

  1. It would be nice to have a little bit more details on the project, the purpose of the script and how people should use it.
  2. You submit code to development category, which we expect to see some development. The script looks nice but which could be better suited to a tutorial category if you add more details and polish it in your post.
  3. For a use-able script, we expect to see the customisable parameters such as command-line options or JSON config - instead of parameters being hard-coded in the code.
  4. Without much explanation, people usually find it hard to understand the script, particularlly the script is about 10-lines long .

Looking forward to your next contribution!

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Thank you for your review, @justyy! Keep up the good work!

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