SteemEngine stats - 2020-01-28

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Steem-engine prices vs. Binance prices

Keep in mind that when collecting the rates, dust orders are not taken into account (less than 0.0001 BTC or 0.001 LTC). The red line shows the lowest sell order (at this price, you can immediately buy) and the greenline indicates the highest buy order (meaning exactly the opposite). Then the yellow line shows us the price on Binance exchange where the price should be the most precise. LTCP price in STEEM is calculated by combining LTC/BTC and STEEM/BTC rates.



Last updated: Tue Jan 28 04:04:33 2020


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Nice work my dear

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Flagged for bid bot misuse, also I can't understand what these charts are saying. They're of little use to anyone.

Those charts are showing prices on SE vs. prices on Binance so people can see historically how much would they lose if they traded there.
I will consider adding some charts with averages, because I agree with the fact that now the charts look very hectic.


A bit more detail/ context would be ideal.

Also, you might want to post these in leo.

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