Keeping Steem Tools (SE Tools) Going [438.070 STEEM]

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Hello everyone,

The renewal for the package that keeps SE Tools up and running is coming up, and after dumping a fair bit on the Splinterlands Kickstarter, the cost of this is going to be another hit to my bank account, especially considering how much time I've put into it, this site has been a big cost to me, and the donations have been few and far between.

I've worked out the bare minimum to keep SE Tools running as it is, and it is:

438.070 STEEM at current prices. That's the bare minimum. I'll probably pay for it if I can't raise it. I love bringing stuff to STEEM, and I'd love to do this full time, but I can't. Being a student and all.

I hope that you'll help me raise the funds by upvoting this post and/or donating. It is much appreciated!

Thank You,
~ @cadawg


438.070 STEEM for a year or a month?

Yup, that as a per month price wouldn't be very good, especially considering:


Yeah. I am paying for 4 with very similar prices. But I get reimbursed. :)

Damn You! LOL

ask @neoxian if you can put a big fat neoxian tools on the front end, rebrand it maybe hell support it since thats pretty cheap

heck fuck that maybe ill do it if u give me way more credit than i need, im desperate to acquire as much skill and tools for SAND or any local steem tribe

SE tools is great :)
@giphy curate 100

Upvoted 👌

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Ty. I feel like I'm losing motivation for STEEM tbh. 😢

Take a break. I find it exhausting to continue to write new posts too. But with 50/50 split just curate :) Why don’t you think about an SPS proposal? I would support it.

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Hopefully @tipu curate can help a little

over 700 ASS tokens for u

wait till ASS is on eos and teh first PORn dapp lol

fuck that i will sell my shares and leave

but ass will make me rich one day

also check out DDATE

438.070 steem? ok ill help with at least 1 steem for now and im sure i can get others to see this as i will resteem

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