Steemegg Raffle Week 3 25 Steem up for grabs.

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Steemegg Raffle Week 2 Results

  • 1st Place 10 STEEM @cryptocheta
  • 2nd Place 5 STEEM @jjprac
  • Most Tickets Bonus - 5 STEEM @robbinkrs
  • Congrats and Good luck to everyone this round.

    Steemegg Raffle Week 2

    Another new Week with new prizes please read.


    source :

    Okay so if you dont know by now We are a voting bot, but our votes are profitable during the raffles. Each 0.5 (or 1.0 if you delegate enough to be on the whitelist) vote you buy will earn you a raffle ticket which will be paid out as detailed below when this post pays out. You dont have to like the post or anything just based off of votes purchased.



  • Each 0.5 vote = 1 ticket
  • Each 1 vote = 2 ticket * Only allowed by people who delegate 500 or more.
  • You can not win multiple prizes for the same raffle (this doesnt count towards highest ticket prizes)
  • If you resteem this post and make a comment saying that you resteemed you will get a 10% upvote.
  • Requirements to be counted

  • Only votes of 0.500 or more STEEM will be counted.
  • Prize/s

  • This week is 3x winners = 5 steem each
  • The two users with the highest tickets at the end will each recieve 5 steem.
  • Just to sum it up > The first drawing will be 3 sepperate names. If you win your tickets are removed, then we pick a second name remove that persons tickets, and then we pick 1 final winner. 3 total. These three people each get 5 steem.

    I will then look at how many tickets each person has. the top 2 will each get 5 steem.





    Wow this is great news @steemegg, thanks for the price, and the motivation. It's a privilege to win first place thanks again.
    I have resteemed this post

    @kirstin denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
    @kirstin thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

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