Send tron ... get back steem automatically... just put your username in the memo

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Many of you probably already know, but for those of you who might not, I also have a swapping service to exchange tron back into steem...



Its as simple as possible you can either send it through your steem wallet page sending it to @trx.steem or right to the actual tron address listed above.... TUe....JQH

Make sure to put your steem username as the memo. dont put anything else in the memo field just your username.

If you have any questions please let me know.

In this video I show you the two ways to send steem to our swapping service.

Comment below any questions or issues you might have.


Greetings, I would like to know if it is possible to delegate 50 SP and also know the price of changing from trx to steem. Thanks

Hello, thanks for reaching out.

delegation: minimum 10SP recieves a payout -> You can choose either steem -> 30% apy / paid daily / or tokens -> 30%apy paid daily + 35%apy on token holdings + curration rewards on weekends...

as far as the trx goes. it is whatever the price of steem is - 5% + 0.5trx

Thanks for the information, here I show my delegation for steemegg

Imagen by gustavomory2

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