Get paid steem to upvote posts... video demo

in #steemegglast year

the video above shows all the steps to use our vote market.

In short... You visit


click sell your vote.

chick grant authority

refresh page.

then upvote the posts.

If you have any questions let me know....


Dumb question... but what do I need to do to log in to the market page? It doesn't seem to recognize my user name and I don't have a keychain..

Ahh okay I will address this in the next day or two, By adding Steem Connect.

steem connect and keychain allow the site to "know" that you are actually you. without you actually presenting your private key. It is just a wallet extension that can be used to interact with steem in the browser.

Thank you. Will look for the post.

A very interesting idea. How much can I get for my vote by selling it?

you get 50 % of the total vote value.

you gain 1/2 of the value of your vote. We are not taking 1/2 -> this figure comes from the fact that people pay for a vote say 1 steem. that gets them a 2 steem vote value...So then if you were to come in and upvote this post for 2 steem upvote value... Then you inturn are payed 1 steem for your vote... because thats how much the person pays for the vote...

This is a combination of the author reward as well as the curation reward.

If you login, and go to the page each post has a pretty close estimate of the amount based on that exact post, your current sp and the % selected.

Thanks. I'll try your service, I'm interested.

ty, basically I was a vote bot, but we just dont ever get enough delegations to provide a vote people want, so I decided to pass the service on to other people to "act" as "part of the vote bot"

it's great idea

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