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in #steemeconomy3 years ago (edited) is a directory of businesses that accept STEEM/SBD as a form of payment. It was launched back on August 2, 2017, and has since grown to over sixty businesses!

Today I added five new businesses to the site:

Homesteaders Co-op

An International Marketplace for Sustainable, Handmade Goods – Mom & Pop vendors accepting USD, STEEM & SBD for their handmade, sustainable, homegrown and ethically sourced products.

David Far (Musician)

David Far is a music producer/vocalist who is selling his music products/Collaborations through Steem payment methods.

Winning Solutions (Web Development)

A web design and web development company located in Germany.

PPM Silver Cosmetics, LLC

PPM Silver Cosmetics manufactures and sells top quality, all natural, high silver concentration products.

247 Bits, Inc.

247 Bits sells Cold Storage Cards, Anonymous Cold Storage Cards, Cold Storage Gift Cards, Deposit Cards.

Drug Wars - Bonus 6th :)

Drug Wars is a resource management game. There are three main resources in the game (drugs, alcohol, and weapons). By producing more of them – you move up in the game. You can also try to steal resources from other players in the game, and you have to protect your own resources from getting stolen.

You can even earn STEEM from playing! The better you do in the game, the more STEEM you can potentially earn.

New Businesses?

If you are a business that accepts STEEM/SBD and you haven't registered yet, be sure to submit your business information via the website's contact form. If you are not yet accepting STEEM/SBD, there are instructions on the website on how to start.

Be sure to check out all of the businesses that are accepting STEEM/SBD as a form of payment by visiting!


Without your site we will never heard about these places that accept STEEM/SBD as payment method! Thank you!


Thank you Tim, glad for being listed in the Steem Economy and between those great businesses. I am wishing success for all the people who are working hard in this path to make steem businesses.
peace brother!

This is great. I'm surprised there aren't more, though! People are accumulating STEEM, and many are looking for ways to spend it. The more businesses and people accepting STEEM, the more demand for STEEM there will be, too. :)

Nice additions! I'll have to test out the "Winning Solutions" development service. Cool to see how the social aspects of Steem allows its implementation to also offer "free marketing" on top of the benefits of fast/free transactions, as I had not heard of any of these services before. Now I do:).

What a great idea to have business's accepting steem all in one place. Had a look at the website there is quite a few business's and co-op's accepting steem already.

This is awesome, I have a product, a vibrational Remedy, that I am selling for a friend as a distributor in Australia. I would like to make it available for crypto so will visit your site and check out the instructions on how to do it.🙏

Wow! This is massive! You’re doing a great job. You know what? Any time I look at Steem’s future, I always see greatness, Steem ecosystem is unprecedented!

Thanks @timcliff for the immense contribution, your website is incomparable! It makes it easier for anyone in and outside our community to see business on #Steem blockchain in one place which is

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Great job Tim, good to have them linked from the same site for consistency.

Waw that sound nice think you for the information..

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This is awesome. I have been looking for this for a while. This, i believe is the way we will get Steem on the mainstream. I also think low prices of Steem make it more likely that businesses will adopt it.

Thanks @timcliff . Appreciate all your effort to support the Steem Economy

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Sounds like good shit Tim. Some good vibes the last few weeks.

Resteeming. Have a good one.

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