Steemdunk Auto Voting, Curating - Empowering the Minnow

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Steem Dunk is Coming to Steemit this Weekend.

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Automated Voting Made Easy

Thanks to the awesome coding by our own developer @samrg472


Never miss a vote on your favorite Steemit authors.

Curation Rewards made easy, start earning automatically.

Voter Slide now available for all, no need to have 500 SP.

Individualize each Author you want to Autovote; Personalize the Timing and Power of Vote.


Costs: 1 annual payment of:

2 SBD or Steem = Auto Vote and Curate up to 20 Authors.
5 SBD or Steem = Auto Vote and Curate up to 50 Authors.
10 SBD or Steem = Auto Vote and Curate up to 100 Authors.

Log on at and follow the steps, signup starts this weekend.

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Don’t forget to follow @steemdunk for the latest updates!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Whale now, now this is a beautiful creation here ! Thank you for sharing it ..makes life easier!

fantastic job - resteemed and translated


This makes everything so much easier. Samuel is an awesome developer! :)

good job

Incredible work Samuel.

Everyone needs to start using this!

@samrg472 has already done such great things for this family!

good post

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