My First cash-out in steemit.

in steemdollarcashout •  10 months ago

In a world of scammers I scare through with the the mindset of not believing, especially in Nigeria where many individuals were scammed over $5 billion by so called MMM, pyramid scheme, Ponzi and so on like Bitcoin and other crypo scam.


If the world could come to me and preach steemit to me I wouldn't but it just happened, I registered started working immediately, comments, upvote, re-steem, post, follow and most of it all build my reputation.

My steemit wallet

Moreover, it could have become a challenged, creating, writing and blogging with no much upvotes as expected, spending time and data subscription, I mean it was really frustrating.

Blocktrades process

Determination kept me going as I read and studied more about steemit, newbies growth, listened to related steemit videos.

My Luno account

Now I have to feel the steem dollars, yes and I did withdraw 7.6 SBD which was about $60 USD at the time of writing and it's seated in my Ethereum wallet as I watch it grow.

It inspired me to invest more in steem and people around me.

Kudos to the brain box behind this.

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That's great! See, it is real!! Keep going


Thank you. I sure will.

Congratulations on your first cash out and in taking this step to Steemit despite all the scams and ponzis around. It's good that you have seen that this is real while being vigilant at the same time. I also know how you feel when you work on content and it doesn't get noticed. But yes, just keep the determination and continue at creating good content and people will discover that :)


Thank you. My pleasure.

Congratulations... Keep steeming


Kudos to the brain box behind this, is right! I love that line :) Love Steemit. Congrats. Blessings.


My pleasure. @gatorlynne


My dear ponzi real drain many people down even uptil date. Thank God for steemit.

Wow! Congratulations


Congratulations dear


nice to hear! i am still looking Forward to my first cash-out (as i joined like 2 weeks ago).
Keep up the good work!
Be the change!


Thank you, you definitely will cash out


i have no doubt in that. i am not new to crypto (started with bitcoin in 2014), just new to steemit. it takes a while to get going, but i think it is worth the wait...

Congrats. Love seeing this thing work for people.


Nice post, well done! I am new here so this is all very exiting!
Hope we both get to cash out some more money before 2018 is over!!!


Sure, you definitely will. Write good contents

Great and congrats. I think a platform like Steemit could change the world. Especially in regions in the world where it is more difficult than in others. On the Internet we are all one! :)


Sure my dear, creating good content will help the platform.