[DIP Proposal] STEEM-TRX network bi-directional bridge

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Proposal Overview

STEEM-TRX bi-directional bridge

  1. Create TRX-based STEEM token (TSTEEM)
  2. STEEM Network Bridge Oracle System
  3. Bridge service frontend
  4. Bridge service Smart Contract



STEEM + Memo transmission (TRX wallet address) -> Oracle operation -> TRX-based TSTEEM issued


TRX Bridge system transmission -> TSTEEM automatic incineration -> STEEM transmission

STEEM and TSTEEM of the STEEM/TRX network are always swaped 1:1

Development Team

Blokfield.INC (@roadofrich) Top 20 Witness

Team Experience

Development of STEEM-BSC network bi-directional bridge
Blokfield.INC has already completed the development of a STEEM-BSC network bi-directional bridge, which is still in service.
There were several bugs in the beginning, but all of them were fixed and it was confirmed that the stable bridge was working.
We are confident that we can use this experience to successfully complete the development of the STEEM-TRX network bi-directional bridge.


Estimated Duration : 7~8 weeks
Request Budget : 20,000 USD

Regardless of this suggestion, we will start development in about two weeks.

Very happy to know, TRX to STEEM can be made. I discussed this with my wife a few days ago. This will help us a lot. We can do TRX to STEEM very easily.

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

Nice suggestion I think support will be available from steemit team.

I am eagerly waiting to see this happen. I wish success to this great initiative.

Many large and important proposals for the Steemit platform. Appreciate and applaud these proposals. Thanks for presenting such a great proposal with all of us...Stay safe have a great day.

I really enjoyed reading everything. I supported things. It seems like a very good initiative. That will make our Steemit platform go a long way.

I would support this great initiative.

Too much important proposal for our beloved platform. Thanks a lot for this step.
Coming days will be more bright insallah.

In my opinion this is a great initiative. It is an honor that roadofrich made a proposal regarding decentralized finance. After reading this post I understood that development of STEEM-BSC network done and it is now completely bug free. The milestone of this project is looking good. Thank you.

You have put a very nice proposal on the Steemit Platform. Steem Platform will benefit a lot if TRX based Steem Token is created. And the steemit platform will go much further than other platforms.

I believe that everything that adds value to steemit as a platform and to steem blockchain, such as this possibility and the existing one at https://bridge.robiniaswap.com/ should be supported.
Excellent initiative, interoperability between blockchains adds value.

This is truly great initiative. We are really eagerly waiting for this. Wish you best of luck for this...

This is a very big and important proposition for the Steemit platform. These proposals are appreciated. Thanks for presenting such a great offer to us.

It's a great project. Really happy to learn about it. Best wishes for this initiative..

This is a very big and important proposal for the Steemit platform. These proposals are highly appreciated. Hope the steemit platform will be useful. Many thanks for presenting such a great offer among us.

I would support this proposal.

I think this is a great initiative. Steemit will play many roles in the development and advancement of the platform. I applaud you for this initiative.

I think this is a very important proposal for Steemit platform. We will benefit a lot from this. It will play a very important role for Steemit. I always applaud such a nice initiative.

Innovating something new for Steemit Platform Developing is very important for Steemit Platform. If TRX based Steem Token is created, the steemit platform will benefit a lot and through this steemit can be taken much further. You have put a very nice proposal in your post.

Such a step will result in great good. So I am in direct support of it.

Good proposal and I would support this.

Thoughtful planning is very useful for the platform. I wish this platform to be more successful through every step. May this platform win.

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It was a very good proposal. I like it very much. I hope that the obstacles that exist in the case of Exchange will be removed. This thing will be very user friendly to the users. Another important thing is that it will add more value to steemit. thank you

Its wonderful proposal. It will be so cool for exchanging STEEM and TRX. I hope it will create more value to Steem and TRX. Nice.

I think new initiatives for this platform will be great. And the most important thing is that your idea is good and will be beneficial for everyone. Such initiatives will make this platform more prosperous. We are with you.

Nice, what a great idea for the advancement of the Steem ecosystem.

Btw, for transactions on the Swap/Dex web that will be made, we hope that it will be able to login easily using only the Steem key.

It is a very nice initiative. I wish the best for it. Very good proposal

Thank you for your info!!

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