Steemdice Daily Report #374

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Welcome to the daily Steemdice report #374, where we recap and share some insight on what happened inside the prime Steem dice game during the past 24 hours.


(Changes from prior day in brackets)

Total Payout
Games Played
Average Chance
32 (23%)
2809 STEEM (-2%)
1896 SBD (77%)
2121 (27%)

Daily Top Winners

  1. @aibolit66 (165.834 STEEM / 0 SBD)
  2. @linhzz (26.61 STEEM / 0 SBD)
  3. @aklilsteem (0 STEEM / 2.653 SBD)

Daily Awards

  • Just One More goes to @thegoliath

    for having played the most games (545 games, 479 more games than the average player)

  • STEEM High Roller goes to @aibolit66

    for betting the most STEEM per Game (21.567 STEEM/game, 1080% above average)

  • SBD High Roller goes to @fr3eze

    for betting the most SBD per Game (6.003 SBD/game, 536% above average)

  • All in Streak goes to @aibolit66

    for winning 29 Games in a row (followed by @saimegh with 23)

How To Play

Hop over to, log in with your Steem Account and start rolling. No registration or deposit required!

Best of luck to all players! 😊

Follow @steemdice1 for future Daily Reports and other Steemdice related news.

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