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RE: 🎓STEEM Developers: The Rewards System And How It Works (Flowcharts)

How many things-to-be-graded do you expect to have per week? It would have to be more than 1 in order for the student to recoup their money, even if all they get is A's.
3 weeks x 30 SBD/A x (#ofthings x A)/week = 90SBD


Students also receive upvotes (delegated sp) on all the course material the post, and comments they post. This tips the scale over that 100 SBD.

The end of the week reward is their grades for the week averaged.

Oh, so at the end of the week, a combination of upvotes on their work and comments plus grade for that weeks work is averaged and an A grade for that week will get a 30 SBD bonus?