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RE: 🎓STEEM Developers: The Rewards System And How It Works (Flowcharts)

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This sounds absolutely mind blowing and I would love to be part of your first educators .

I have a few questions:

  1. Where will the courses be posted? On But also on Steemit, I assume?

  2. The payment for the educator is pretty limited with such small classes. That would be 150 SBD for three weeks (plus post the 50% post payouts). Can you explain these Posts, please?

  3. If a course has been created, will the second group of students after three weeks enroll in the very same thing? So each educator has to create the content just once?


@flauwy Thank you for your interest, here is the answers to your questions.

  1. The platform will be on but it will connect to steemit
  2. Posts for educators = course material (tests, assignments, projects) , class interaction on posts
  3. Yes, each course that an educator creates will be the standard course outline for that educator's field of expertise. We wont have you guys creating new curriculum every week.

So 150 SBD (max) per course you guys put together, every time you get a round of students. Plus payouts on your actual course material.

This 150 SBD also is what we are offering now, we are just getting off of the ground and trying to grow and build with educators. If you would like to become one please feel free to email us @ [email protected]

Thank you for the answers. I have already send you a mail to join your educators.