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RE: 🎓STEEM Developers: The Rewards System And How It Works (Flowcharts)

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YES YE SYES why havent you just called this #steemitUniversity or just make a @steemituniversity account bevcause this could alow steem blockchain to become the blockchain for al schools

what student wouldnt want the chance to make money of thoir posts...even if the teacher didnt give them any upvotes the other steemit users on the blockchain can see these students work and upvote the best ones ensuring that no students potential is wasted because of a lame teacher hah real talent will be recognized and given attention and rewarded!

Imagine if homework was actually useful and children in school got to add value to society with their school reports, where they posted their homework as a steemit post and then theyd ve ENCOURAGED to do their schoolwork if they saw a direct dollar amount attached to it! This could totaly change education and allow chilren to actualy stay intersetd in school, as it would no longr feel ike a huge waste iof time! Kids would get real world feedback to show them hopw important some of thse seemingly boring topics can be...Imagien if you could have submitted all of your essays to steemit? I actually have all my old essays saved on gogle docs and so i should honestly go post sme of the good ones!

Imagine all the STEEMIT posts a modern day college campus could be producing if people new theuir essays were going to be read by lots of people online, and if they knew they could make money from them they would actualy be more motivated to do wel on the essays and make them entertaining! it sjust going to change the whole dynamic of school and allow children to have a savings account at an early age, and the idea of a lockedin power up where kids hve to waut 13 weeks to get their money back is REALy useful for stoping young peopel from impulsive sopending habits!

I know this post is about steem developers project bt youre School system and flowcarts make me think we coul use this for Steem Bockchain powered univrsities


This could be a branch to SteemItUniversity yes.

yes, the plan would be to expand at some point!

Yes. Steem Uni could be a game changer.

WILL be, not could be, IT WILL be

Steems DPOS delegated proof of service system is fuckin BEST BESBTEBSTEBST OMG YEAYAYAYA

makes me go cray thinking about all its uses

its one of those things like first people dont think linux will ever be used for anything....and then android comes oit and Linux is the number one operating system on Earth.....swish swish bitch.....cant touch this

another one in the basket