Steem Tag Viewer - View posts based on favourite Tag

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If you are looking for a quick way to find posts that contain Tag's you are interested in, than you might like the app I am currently working on called ...

Steem Tag Viewer

Steem tag viewer website (temporary)



The app is build with the javascript framework Vue.js and using the steem.api referenced on the Steem Developer website.

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 16.11.03.png

The main reason why I wanted to have a simple app that shows posts selected by tag was to find content specific to SMT's and @APPICS. While I really like the marketing and updates on the APPICS telegram, I am disappointed with the updates coming from regarding SMT's and other promised developments like Categories and Mobile App.

With this app I can check every now and than if there is something interesting or news for topics that interest me.

This project is still work in progress and I plan to further improve it and add functionalities. The code is open source and uploaded to GitHub here.

Further updates will be posted via

If you have any feedback or improvement suggestions than please let me know. I hope you find it useful.

All the best!


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Nice app...I have a bunch of Links bookmarked... e.g. that I use to screen for new posts for specific keywords... gonna give your app a chance :)

Would be cool if it can remember a list of personal keywords.

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really its a very useful app.............thanks for your informative of luck

Cool now time to watch out those post's only thanks for sharing about it

Thank you, that is a great suggestion and I will try to implement something like this in the future.

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Wow, it's really great to see your efforts and your efforts are really appreciable because you said right we are still lacking behind in aspect of progress and one of the important aspect is SMT's and official mobile app, but we are still lacking behind and hope that everything will fall in place as soon as possible. But this temporary tool will really helpful in my opinion. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Nice app
and post