New Video Site Under Early Development

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Over the last few weeks I've been working to develop a new video site along the lines of YouTube and DTube, but without the actual video hosting. This more simply indexes videos from various sources in the same interface.

It does not directly compete with DTube or interfere with the commission they get when people upload using their service, and I fully support their much more impressive and ambitious project. This just attempts to create a unified interface to the video content of Steem because DTube/DLive do not yet cover all use cases.

In future versions you'll be able to sign-in using Steemconnect to comment and vote, and I have some interesting features in mind, but this is just a skeleton site at the moment, with minimal functionality and only includes the last 24 hours of video content.

Anyway, I thought I'd present the first pre-alpha version to gather any feedback and suggestions. I'll probably do this every week whilst I develop it, but perhaps from a new account instead of @steemreports soon.


  • The login and filter functions don't currently work, though the search basically does.
  • The trending/hot formula is not yet correct and will be improved.
  • For YouTube videos, it checks the YouTube account to see how old the video is, and this is indicated by the colour of the age text beneath the videos. Green shows videos uploaded in the last 24 hours, grey is for videos in the last week, and red for videos older than that. All DTube videos were uploaded when the post was made of course, and so are shown in green.
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Very interesting! This looks very promising.
Will you also be able to categorize all the videos? (f.e. food, sports, music) and if that's the case, how will you be able to do it? Do you need tags / titles from the original post or can it be recognized inside the video material itself?

Also, what defines if a video is hot? Is the weight of upvotes/likes for a video equal for all different platforms or is 1 like on youtube less worth then 1 like on vimeo as youtube has a bigger audience?


Good questions.

The DTube and DLive tags are stored in the blockchain, and can be used easily. The original YouTube video tags are collected into our database, but I'm not yet sure whether to use them or the Steem post tags (or both) for searching/filtering.

Currently the hot/trending scoring is based (similarly to Steem), on a combination of the pending payout and the time since the video was created, there is no connection to the YouTube voting at the moment. I'm free to try a different formula because I'm using a separate database, but it needs to be quite efficient to calculate since it must be done frequently (so looking up YouTube votes every few minutes probably won't work), but it's an interesting thought.

This is great, finally people are willing to take some risk going against mainstream media, to profitable blockchain networks...

Im just a lil confused if this proyect is an addition to Dtube, or rather if its gathering content in a more eficient way for the users to find what best of his interest in a different platform?

Anyway, any creative addition into making Steemit bigger and better is well appreciated.


It's not an addition to DTube exactly. You can think of it as an extra view (or index) of the video content that people link from the Steem blockchain. That includes DTube and YouTube videos, and perhaps others like Vimeo and DLive too.


Awesome!! keep us informed @steemreports, now im following you


So the goal would be to gather all the videos being posted via the steem blockchain and gather them in one place, even if they are being posted on different platforms?

If I'm understanding this correctly, this is a great idea! This allows for different platforms trying to compete with YouTube to get access to the same network of people. (One day in the future...) is working, and that's amazing!

But this could be a great way to have different projects compete with each other.

Let me know if I'm correct in understanding your proposal!

Keep 'm coming, man!


Yeah, that's exactly right. Currently I think there's DTube, YouTube, Vimeo, DLive and probably a few other minor video hosting sites that are being used for embedding video in Steem posts. This will hopefully allow them to be searched and curated together from one site.

I started this before I knew about the large number of improvements that DTube has just announced, so there's quite a bit of functionality with that now. Still, DTube doesn't always work very well for everybody, and may not attract all established YouTubers when they find Steemit (although Ned's big delegation is certainly going to help there!). I also have a couple of novel ideas, which I don't believe have been applied elsewhere, and I will be implementing those once the basics are working.


I like the proposal a lot!

Bringing together different decentralized applications and showing them on one platform has value.

It's one way to create more tools to create a level playing field for any project to compete.

Curious to see more!

I love it! It would be nice to be able to open video in a new tab.

I've re-steemed!

Continue the awesome job you're doing Andy! You've already created one of the most useful Steem tool with:

And I'm really excited by this new one. It was well needed!


Thanks! You can currently click the DTube/YouTube icons below the videos to open them in their original context, do you mean that, or to be able to open them in a new tab but still within this new video site?

I'm thinking that being able to play them from within the thumbnail views themselves would also be useful, so will probably try adding that in a future version.


Oh okay! Yeah clicking on the thumbnails would really be awesome. I didn't even realized I had to click on the dtube thing.

Nice! I started working on a similar project just before christmas so I had a reason to learn some Angular. :P
I ran into a lot of problems so I quit.
I wanted to make a mixed fullscreen autoplaying playlist where users could contribute to it by just dropping dtube and youtube urls.

Your project looks nice :D
I hope to see an update of it soon!


Thanks! Your playlist sounds like a good idea. I'm learning Vue.js whilst working on this one as it happens. I'm more of a back-end guy generally, and Vue seemed easier for me to learn than React or Angular.


I'm going to try out Vue some time soon. I read that it's nice to combine with Laravel. I've been using laravel for 4 days now, it's.... Addicting 🤗
A lot easier to learn than Phalcon and codeigniter! And it seems like the possibilities are endless :o
I hope Vue will fit me as well as Laravel :)
I'm more of a everything guy by the way 😛


I've never really used PHP. I love Python, so Flask is the back-end for this site. I'm really enjoying using Vue with it though.

Can you adjust for mobile user?

I can not type in account name because big pie covering it.
Im using iphone 6s plus and safari


Thanks for the visual feedback. I don't have time to test all these things so that's helpful. I think I've improved it now, but you might be able to confirm that?


Little bit lower would be fine.
Can not click plot button.


Hopefully it's ok now.


Great!!thanks for quick response!

I'm getting more into Dtube as well , my son has started there as well, moving his youtube and twitch content

Very interesting. Will keep my eye out for this!!!

very very very interesting!

D-Tube is amazing...
please, all people left youtube with join D-tube...
I Love D-tube Video...
i can't login
please help me


As I said in the post, the login function doesn't work yet. I expect it will in a few weeks though.


thanks, i am waiting for this site

Looks neat and tidy.

So what are the dollar amounts under the YouTube videos?

Can you let me know if you want any testers as I'd be happy to add some videos when you are ready.



Thanks. The YouTube videos are ones that have been posted through Steem, so are the payouts (or pending payouts) for the Steem posts. As I say, this site doesn't intend to allow video uploads, but will just allow other videos to be viewed from one interface.


Ah gotcha! Thank you. Makes sense now. Please let me know when I can add videos :-)

Really interest and promising there... I love it... You could see mine and help me comment and upvote @ajadudraws

a nice development thank you

Very interesting! This looks very promising.


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