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I have recently had several people ask for historical data from the start of the year, so I decided to add the extra hourly currency data from, and extend the coverage back to Jan 1st 2017.

I'm based in the UK, and the start of the calendar year doesn't seem to have much tax significance here. In other countries however, it seems to be important, and I overlooked this when deciding to start from April.

Please remember that this data is not totally accurate. It is subject to some limitations in data collection. I suggest you carry out your own checks to ensure you are happy that your records are a true reflection of your financial position.

The most notable limitations are:

  • The tool assumes the vests to steem rates change linearly over time as an approximation, but this isn't quite the case in practice. See @jesta's post for the rates he obtained from
  • The currency conversion rates used are hourly averages until December 2017, and thereafter minutely averages. This is probably quite accurate most of the time, but during high volitility, might not be good enough for your purposes.
  • If you have too many transactions on your account, they still may not go back to January 1st (so as not to overload servers)
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@steemreports is one of my top 3 tools - super helpful.

Thank you for your work!


hi guys! im new here! i just started new series called "today in history"! check it out, maybe you find it interesting! :)

That is fu**ing amazing @steemreports.
I will use that for measure my account over the time. Thank you so much!!!


Thanks this is great. Do you have a tutorial on what each row means. I am confused by Power Up and Market. They seem to match.
I am trying to estimate my earnings for the year.
What are you using to read the blockchain? I am a developer myself and have been experimenting with steem-js and steem python libraries.


Hi, the following layout might help you. It shows converted SBD to STEEM and then powered it up, which is why the figures are a close match.

I believe that in the UK we do need to pay tax on income and capital gains as vest.

I hope to make other tools/demos soon.

EDIT: I use the Python library for obtaining this data.


The report makes more sense when I remove vests in the Currency selector. I am not sure one has to pay tax on vests.

great tool, thanks! :-)

Thank you @steemreports. That was exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you @steemreports. That was exactly what I was looking for.

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