Introducing SteemHunt: Steem Fueled ProductHunt - Make money by discovering cool products every day

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Product Hunt

Millions of dedicated users make Product Hunt a great place where you can discover new ideas everyday. This is the one of the coolest communities run by trend-setters. (If anyone’s never heard about ProductHunt, check out here:


The coolest and biggest online communities always require committed community members and they create significant value to the platforms. However, similar to other communities such as Reddit or Facebook, all the rewards go to the ProductHunt itself instead of the dedicated community members.

So we thought,

Why not create a ProductHunt equipped by STEEM, so that the cool contributors can get financial rewards?

Steem Hunt

So, we are making SteemHunt, a ProductHunt-like site where you can surface new products, upvote and comment on them, and most importantly, you will be rewarded with STEEM tokens for your contribution.

Steem Hunt

We believe that SteemHunt can create value for STEEM blockchain and its ecosystem, like the other great STEEM projects.

Our Team

@tabris - development
@project7 - design

We will keep you updated soon. Please leave any comments and keep us inspired.
To support SteemHunt project, resteem and upvote this post and follow us to keep updated :)

Cheers Steemers!




Sounds cool, look foward to more

Thanks! We'll update the next progress soon.

Execellent :D

Wish you good luck!

Sounds like a cool idea.

Thanks for your support! We'll make it to a cool product :)

sounds a nice idea ! Hope you work it out !

Things are just getting better on Steem Blockchain, congratulations on such a good idea. Can't wait to use it and maybe showcase a product of my own.

YES!! Seems like we have one potential user here ;)

resteemed. @followbtcnews brought this to my attention. good luck all.

Thank you for resteem!

It sounds great!
Good luck!!

Sounds like a cool idea, looking forward to seeing how it's implemented!

Thank you for you interest. Please follow this channel to keep updated ;)

OOOH This could be very fun. Excited

Thanks a lot :)

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