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Update on Steem Followers

Regular users may have noticed that it was down for quite a while. It is back up now, and will hopefully stay up for a while. in case you have no idea what I am on about... :)

I had high hopes when I started messing around with the code, but then life got in the way and I moved my attention elsewhere.

While I was not looking the server ran out of disk space, filling up completely. This led to the site going down completely.

I have had a hard time justifying keeping this up, but decided to turn off 2 other servers I had going to save money, and then use those funds to increase the size of the space available for Steem Followers.

Now with Resteems

While I am sure this will not be as popular as the follower data, it was a relatively simple addition to make and as far as I know it's not the kind of information that is easily accessed. I snuck out this update while fixing the disks and have actually seen that a few people have noticed it and made some use of it.

Well now you can see, who has resteemed your posts based on when they resteemed them.
In the first image you can see I used @spl as an example as their posts have a few resteems.

All the functionality links through, so you can get to your resteemed posts from your followers page and back etc.

Home page change


The home page changed too, simple change, adding resteems.

Design is not my strong point, so I just slapped it on there...

There is more in store

I am currently chipping away at some more functionality, basically stuff that I would find useful, when it is in a semi working state I will share with you.

Thanks to all the people who have kept on checking back and using the site even after it was down for so long.

Let's hope I can get something out soon :)

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Thank you for doing this. It's good to see who is following me and who isn't.
Is there a way to witness for you?

I am glad to see it is of value to you.

I don't run a witness, but I appreciate the gesture.

Hi @shaunmza it is a great tool, I used before, but right now I see that the last information I could get about my account are from beginning of September 2018.

Yes, there was an update to the API which broke my code. I have not stayed on top of all things Steem, so it's been broken for a while.

It's fixed now and is catching up, will be a while though as I step through each and every transaction.