My Current Steem Projects 🚀

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Hey 👋

Thought I’d do a quick update post to share the current Steem projects I’m working on, where they’re at and what to expect next.

Current projects

  • Steem Compare
  • Steem Notifier
  • Steemversary [Bot] + [Website]
  • Steemconnect Node Boilerplate
  • Steepshot Scheduling Tool
  • Steem Share Button
  • Steem Token Diversifer Tool
  • Steem Bot Tutorials
  • Steem Comments Plugin

Steem Compare

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 11.37.09.png

Steem Compare is the easiest way to compare stats across multiple steem accounts at once.

Next update will include filtering and more unique stats.

Steem Notifier


A desktop app for monitoring your Steem account and receiving native OS level notifications.

With the next update, I'm aiming to include a feed of recent actions/notifications, remove terminal-notifier module, iron out bugs and package for easy download and install.

Steemversary Bot + Website


Steemversary rewards active Steem users on the anniversary of account creation.

Next up, adding daily achievements and rewards on the Steemversary website and customising the bot message based on individual stats.

Steemconnect Node Boilerplate


The Steem eco-system is lacking development examples and resources, the boilerplate aims to be a starter project for anyone building dApps on top of the Steem network.

The big aim is feature parity with minus wallet/keys features.

Steepshot Scheduling Tool


Command-line tool for scheduling posts to Steepshot.

Aim is to make this into a desktop/mobile app or web interface so it’s accessible for all not just for devs.

Steem Share Button


The share button is a widget that acts like a share, tweet, repost we see for other social media sites, sharing a webpage to your steem feed.

Aim is make it look more like a shared post than a top level post and integrate with a websites go tags to make less work for the user. Allow the sharer to add commentary that is added to the post but looks different from it.

Steem - Token Diversifer Tools


Automatically diversify Steem rewards into other tokens using block trades currently a command-Line tool.

Next update aims to create a desktop/mobile app or web interface to make it accessible for all.

Steem Bot Tutorials

Currently 12345 tutorials teaching different aspect and examples of what bots made with steem-js can do.

Coming soon, an interactive website that lets you test to bots online.

Steem Comments Plugin

Coming soon. A javascript plugin that allows you to use steem comments on any website. If you’re x-posting content from your website to steem, steem-comments will allow you to earn rewards directly on your own website too.

That’s it for now. Any ideas, requests or thoughts?


I didn't know about your websites, after all those bootstrapped steem related projects, they look stunning.

Hey thanks @oups, do you mean my website or one of the others?

I was talking about your steem projects.
I've just checked, that one also pretty.

Wow, that's awesome how many projects you're working on. I'm still new to web development, but I'm hoping I'll be able to contribute soon. 🙂 Curious to see how your projects progress!

Hey Jeff! haha I do get a little carried away, probably a few too many projects to maintain effectively especially when I have so many other ideas. Good to see you've been learning development, hope you are enjoying it. I bet you could already contribute to any of my projects, or others, people are generally friendly if you submit a PR. 👍

Yeah, development has been a lot of fun so far. I'll try to work up the courage to contribute to some projects 🙂

You're really busy with Al those projects! Good work!

haha yeah perhaps a little too busy, but I get carried away...

o suna...........nice hoise..

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Thanks! Yes turning some of these ideas into apps will hopefully make them more accessible to people, it will just take a bit longer.