Slotto plans & a new project

in steemdev •  2 months ago


  • After the timer runs out, someone will win the jackpot by the end of the weekend (I'll speed up the process so there'll be a winner for sure).
  • Starting from next week, I will temporarily stop Slotto, so I can focus on starting a new project.
    If you're wondering why, I just wanna try something new 😃

As long as Slotto is running I won't be able to focus 100%, which is why I'll be stopping it temporarily for about a month. Once the new project is up and running, I'll start Slotto again.

If you have a different opinion, if you don't want me to do the new project and focus solely on Slotto, please let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts. We still have a lot of time until Friday.

Thanks for watching!

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If Slotto does not allow you to advance in your new projects you can pause it for a while. We all had fun buying tickets and there were some winners, bonuses, etc. You can try something new and then come back, maybe with a re-powered Slotto :) Whatever you decide, good luck! But I recommend you never stop trying new things.


i'm happy that you had fun buying tickets! 😁
yes next week i'll start working on a new project, but later slotto can always be back!

I think it's a good idea, so we'll know soon what this new project is about. I'm anxious!


i don't wanna talk about something when it's just an idea. but as soon as i get stuff done, i'll start sharing it! i can't wait either! 😆

Slotto is a great fun Steem lottery system for those who like those kind of games but if slotto is stopping you from concentrating on new learning projects I think your doing the right thing taking a break from it @roundbeargames


thanks! you're exactly right. i just can't focus when i have another project running :)
later on i'll have them all just not in the early stage of development! 😆

Excelente trabajo amigo. Exitos

Any hints as to what this new project will be about?


i can't say much yet since i don't even have a single line of code 😆
but it'll be a very simple game. something i can get done quite quickly. i'll share more as soon as i get stuff done!

woow,,,,,a very useful new project and incredible,,,made me inspired by the project,success is always sir,@roundbeargames


successes to you too :)
let's hope i can make better and better projects!


thank very much my brother,thank for sharing @roundbeargames

What's new? I don't understand I just gave you spirit..😄


we'll have a jackpot winner this week, and i'll start a new project next week :)


Very cool..😊

Even I don't understand, I come and wanna say, success with your Slotto game... @roundbeargames!

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haha that's ok. but thanks for coming!

Good luck 😎

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incredible slotto, many friends have already register, 😊👍


yes, so far for this round, 392 tickets have been sold. almost 400! i was worried only a couple people might play. it's not a huge number but i'm glad people are enjoying it :)

I agree if you want to do new things, we are happy to wait, but the slotto is also an extraordinary project 😊😁👍👌


i'm very happy to hear that it's extraordinary 😁
but it also had some flaws. so i wanna try something new and see what happens!
plus i can always bring back slotto later on.

Best of luck on your new project! 😎


thanks i can't wait to try out a new project! 😁

Primero que nada saludos amigo. Si crees que este nuevo proyecto te traerá mayor sastisfacción entonces adelante y si es necesario detener por un tiempo el Slotto cuentas con mi apoyo. Vamos por el Jackpot @roundbeargames


oh yes personal satisfaction is everything! as long as i feel like making improvements i should be fine :)
we'll have the 3rd jackpot winner this week and then a new project begins!

I'm actually looking forward to seeing your new project, keep up the great work!


hey man thanks for coming! i can't wait to get started on it either! 👍

buen dia,usted vea si el nuevo proyecto en el que piensa le ve mayor provecho,adelante,eso es bueno cuando se piensa en grande y se pueda materializar esos pensados,saludos @roundbeargames.


yes we'll see if i can put together another simple game. hopefully it'll be more fun and exciting than slotto!

I say since you are of course not a normal person but an exceptional one, you should challenge yourself, and let slotto running while creating another cool project.
I know you said you will have it on your mind while its running but just take a deep breath and remind your self slotto is jamming and running smoothly.

Than jump on that new project I am sure we can all agree we want slotto running but would also like a new project from the round bear.

We need it we want it slotto is more than a game its a lifestlye!

Might have gone a bit overboard.. but why not give it a try?


i'm happy to hear that it's more of a lifestyle!
unfortunately i've already tried running multiple projects. it didn't really end well 😆
so next week i think i'll put a little halt on slotto so that i can focus on the next project 100%.
later i'll start slotto again with new updates and make it more exciting 👍

Mi saludos amigo de verdad me parece buena la idea ya que brindas oportunidad de jugar , ganar y entretener a todo los que participan en tus proyectos. Te deseo mucha suerte! Y mi apoyo para su nuevo proyecto ...


saludos! thank you for your support @edgargonzalez!


De nada amigo igualmente a usted gracias por su constancia conmigo y su aporte.. agradecido

Well, nobody can stop you(on stopping something). I'd like to see you grow! So please go ahead and stop it. Who knows you can come up with something greater than @slotto. Looking forward on your update!

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yes hopefully the next project will be more fun and synergize with slotto 😄
i just have to try new shit!

Great!!! Good luck to the new project my friend... :)


Thanks! Im probably ginna start next week 😁
Expecting to learn more and more new stuff!

It must be a good project, I say it for the time you need. Successes ...


let's hope that it will be :)

I think it's good that you take the time for the new project, besides when slotto returns it will be safe with other improvements,now we are anxious to see the new things that you are going to bring us


yes when slotto returns, it'll also have new updates because i'll always try to make it better :)
thanks man! let's hope the second project will be more fun!

@roundbeargames, In my opinion, you should think upon the new project because in my opinion when we hold an Idea which we think it can born the usability then for sure we should give it a try.

And yes, one thing at one time, and good to know that you are asking your audiences about the pausing of Slotto for one month, in my opinion it sounds fine.

And who knows, your new Idea can bring the more boost and exciting results and then hopefully both the Slotto and your new project will going to run effectively.

So good luck and i hope that your decisions will going to bring the productive and great results to you.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


yes one thing at a time 😃
and incremental steps would do the trick in most cases.
we'll see what happens with the next project and decide from there.


Good luck brother. 🙂

it's good friend to try something else since some of us can not participate in the slotto due to Internet failures


yes i've heard internet is pretty bad over there. the next project will be just as difficult for you to participate in, if not more. but still, thanks for the support! 👍



thanks. just gotta keep trying new things! :)

i really great work,,i support and agree the program,i have to learn a lot from you @roundbeargames


i'm not exactly sure what you're saying here but thanks :)
for the time being, i'm thinking about stopping slotto for awhile so that i can start a new project.


yes friend,,,,i'm sure @roundbeargames

Hi friend I am new in steemit ,I want to slotto ticket,how to get slotto ticket, thnakyou dear @roundbeargames friend


you can buy a ticket at
it uses steemconnect :)

First time i buy a ticket. I hope i will win


congrats on your first ticket! :)
someone will win the jackpot by the end of this week.
i wish you luck! 😃

When will you stop. I was having trouble with Steem connect. I will try to buy a ticket this week.


Probably on sunday after theres a jackpot winner.
You still have some time 😀
But for sure ill start it again after im done starting a new project, so no need to worry 😁

I think sometimes stopping is good, especially since it allows us to advance with more strength. And if you have something new to show, it will be worth it, wait a bit. I hope these next days, I will be more aware of steemit because the truth I have had difficulties, to be active here.


yes sometimes i gotta step back and think about things. this stoppage is more about focusing down on the new project but i like to take it slow, one thing at a time :)
i hope you'll solve those difficulties soon 😃

I hope the project that you live is always successful @roundbeargames

I will always support you 👍😊


yes i hope so too! thanks 😄

hello friend that good that you come with other projects, je je alogar participate


thanks i can't wait to put out a new project! :)

I'm glad to hear that you will create a new project @roundbeargames

Continue, we always wait for it.

Buenas noche amigo@roundbearmes mi cordial saludo que dios lo premie con muchas bendiciones

Hola que tal, paso para saludarlo y desearle un excelente fin de semana, lo invito tambien a pasarse por mi blog y apoyarme, saludos, exitos y abrazos.


done! we shall support each other :)

ok then i am waiting for slotto .. and best of luck for your new project.

Love your work man, checked out the Slotto and it definitely looks like something does not need consistent maintenance which you can mostly let it run by itself, no? I'm kinda starting my own indie game development as well on top of Steem . Slotto's github definitely helps a lot in understanding the Steem app as a reference. Keep working on whatever you find worthwhile!


thanks 😄
yes slotto doesn't require much maintenance, close to zero, other than having the bot run and do the work. i shut it down because i wanted get back to making 3d games because that's where my heart is at. but i'm thinking maybe later on i'll start it again.

btw my code is dirty as hell. i'm more of a hobbyist. there's a lot better reference out there!


Then you have close to zero reasons to shut it down right? Haha. I honestly think you should keep the game active if you still value it and would like to maintain the fanbase activity, which is often the hardest to get for an app.

I need something that is actually working and running a close concept to my project as well. Your's is fine enough.


haha not quite. i kinda mentioned it in my videos where if i have it running i just can't shut it off in my head. i'd have to constantly think about it. it's more like a personality thing rather than anything technical. for the time being i'll be just thinking about unity and 3d games.


Cool then, looking forward to what you would offer to us!