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RE: SteemScan Feature: Fast & Easy to use Exchange to convert your Steem

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Recently seeing reference to this @futureshock, via my good friend @leveuf, I decided to use your service.

It was a disastrous experience.

First, I will take full responsibility for the outcome, as I did not read the conversion detail on the 2nd transaction, as the 1st one had gone so well. What was the outcome?

  1. image.png

  2. image.png

In the 1st transaction, I always run a test, to ensure everything is working as expected. I sent 20 STEEM and it went fine. The exchange rate shown was competitive. And it was all executed in a timely manner, so no problems.

In the 2nd transaction, I was working on another issue and was distracted, but copying and pasting doesn't require much focus. I mistakenly assumed I would have a similar outcome. Wrong!

How your new "service" can have this dramatic a swing in the exchange rate is beyond my comprehension. I have been executing exchange transactions for over 2 years and never had any outcome like this.

Who is the exchange with whom you and @roadofrich are partnering?


Hi @roleerob,

Sorry for this experience, we also have noticed an issue with your last order and we have processed manually new payments to cover the missing funds. Please check your withdrawal address and confirm us that you received those new payments.

Again really sorry, and thank you for your feedback, we will be improving the system to avoid any similar issue in the future.

Best regards,


Been over 2 hour I made conversion of 60 STEEM which hasn't reflect on my wallet yet, hope this could be looked up below is my transaction ID with transaction screenshot.
ID 250825e123fb2253a812999feaaa3b3723c4a720


Up well before 🌄 (here) @rfdax / @futureshock / @roadofrich and very pleasantly surprised to find this follow-up response. As I wrote in my original message, I accepted full responsibility for not checking the transaction details and expected nothing in return, as a result ...

So ... Confirming that, yes, I have received additional TRX that now makes my 2nd transaction "whole," just like the first one. I very much appreciate your attention to this and setting it right. Rare these days, so you have my respect and regard for attending to it promptly. 🙂 👍

You have accomplished two things, with your efforts:

  1. While not pretending I have a lot of influence, nonetheless, I was already beginning to use it, where I have some. And, as I am sure you can imagine, not in a way favorable to your service @rdfax.

    Reversing that now, I will ask @leveuf, @yehey, and @novacadian to read this message. This is as far as using my influence got yesterday, but it was going to become much "bigger" today, so again a very timely response ...

  2. Returning your gesture of good faith, I will continue to use your service with the accounts over which I have control.

"... we will be improving the system to avoid any similar issue in the future."

Thank you for closing by letting me know you have taken this transaction's unfortunate outcome as an opportunity to apply some "continuous improvement" efforts to your new service. From my background, I understand what this takes more than most.

Please advise when you believe this has been done and I will resume using your service.

Have a great day! 👋

First of all thank you for reporting the bug. As you mentioned it is a new service that we are providing, and it definitely needs some adjustments, fix issues and polishing to make sure that the service is perfect. Thanks to you we are one step closer to that goal.
We never let any issue unresolved and will always compensate our users. We are glad that you will keep on using the service.
If you ever encounter any bugs feel free to report to us, that's how we will be able to improve it.

Still glad that your first attempt was a success and enjoyable one though! We are also glad to hear that you will keep on using the Quick Convert :)

Wish you to have a nice day.

Glad to know your problem was solved, dear Friend, and glad to know these services have a great attention to customers!
Best wishes for your day, dear @Roleerob!!

You are a thief motherfucker.. you and @poloniex motherfucker hacked my 147 steem

Hi @samiulsaadi1,

What happened exactly?
Can you try to explain it without insulting people (without any reason)?
And if there is any issue please give us your transaction id so we can check if there is any problem.
Best regards,

Do u know @poloniex ... .. 2 days ago all my steem is transferred to that motherfucker's account..
How did he do that i can't understand.. i want to communicate with that bitch.. but there is no post , no comment yet there any way to find out

Hi @samiulsaadi1,

Poloniex is a well known exchange, and they are not responsible of any transaction made by your account to their platform.

Nobody can make a transaction using your account. So from what I understand:

  • someone made a transfer from your account to the poloniex platform.

First I don't understand why you are insulting us but let put that aside and consider that you were angry because of what happened. You should say at least that you are sorry.

Second your account probably got hacked:

  • the only possible reason is that you gave your keys to someone else, either by directly giving your keys or by using a phishing link that stole your keys.

Do you remember any website where you have entered your steem keys? If so please let us know then we can try to make a post about it to prevent further hacks.

So nor us nor poloniex are responsible for this.
What we can suggest you is first to change the keys of your account. Second try to contact poloniex using their support : and explain them calmly what happened, they might help you to find who did it and maybe block the account who stole your funds.

Finaly be careful when you are using your keys on any other platform that doesnt use steemlogin or keychain. (Except of course). And of course you should change your keys right now!
Best regards,

Man. I'm totally shocked after saw that.. i know who did that, a friend of mine , I'll broke him apart, just need some time.. i trusted him.. that mo****fucker can't escape forever..

My memo is correct, as you have given, hope the 300 Steem is back in my wallet.

sultan-aceh transfer 300 STEEM to @rfdax " 4955f5c1-cd70-4b68-8357-e304da3ea907"

1111 - Copy (2).png

please help me , to :


regards service users

Sorry for the problem.
This issue will be resolved soon.

thank you so much @roadofrich

for the response to the problem I was experiencing

hilsen @sultan-aceh

tnx for upvote

I've sent 80 steem to use yesterday and I've not received anything yet please sort this problem out asap @roadofrich

I am out of funds as I transferred all my steem in my account to be converted (stupid me), so I can't send a .001 steem to you with a message: I believe I gave you the incorrect address when I sent you some funds yesterday. It doesn't look like the transaction has been processed yet. Can I have you send the steem back to me and I'll resubmit? Is that the proper protocol? Thanks for your help!

Very truly yours,


I've sent 55 steem to you 6 days ago to be converted to tron. so far no tron arrived in my wallet. could you please help me to resolve this issue.

thanks in advance

6 days ago

Transfer 55.000 STEEM

to rfdax a5971c26-3183-42c8-b8ed-1cabcf8967cd


Hi there. Been 11 days since I sent my Steemit to cash to BTC. Status?


Still nothing. Please refund my 720 steem.

Hello, I just transferred 180 STEEM to same account. Have we been scammed? It's so bad if that's the case here? Any contacts with @rfdax?

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