!Steemit Combine To {"Facebook +Instagarm "}

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The steemit have been more famous day by day but its note famous like facebook and instagaram its normal when we compared to the fb and instagarm .The a few days ago the steemit group have been thinking to make a hit like instagram and facebook .
they make a deal with fb and instagram but the this social media were be refused.20171001_122524.jpg

The Facebook owner mark zuber have already know about steemit . beacuse fb have been massive hit .
The steemit users many of like this to the fb and instagarm were be give a partially amont like steemit .In next one or two year the steemit were be hit it were be already hit in the usa,britain and some country but in asia it were grow slowly
"But in next 1 year it were be massive hit the steemit stradegy says ".

Many of celebraties were use the instragram more then a facebook beacause its different platform with one another .And the instagram also massive hit in social media
2017 survey about social media
1.Facebook -65% active user every sec
2.whatsapp-59% active user every sec
3.instagram-47%active user every sec
420171001_122016.jpg.Twitter -43% active user every sec

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