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Correspondence Through Steem

I realize there are already tools like esteem and busy that let you see replies on your phone and even respond; however, I wanted to provide a different user experience. More than anything, for myself, I needed a more streamlined experience than I was getting via esteem.

That's what this does. It allows me to have a conversation with users engaging my blog on steemit. I can now correspond just like I would in normal text messaging, but with steemit replies.


Mobile versions also work



To get up and running, just open a conversation in Telegram with @steem-replies

Then run the following command:

/start <your steem name> <your steem posting private key>

That's it!

Once, you are setup, mentions and replies to you will come directly to your telegram conversation


Some stuff that may be coming really soon!

  • Voting! I learned I can add a telegram keyboard to conversations allowing votes. I can also add something like /vote xx.xx%. Let me know in comments which you think is better.
  • Persisted conversations. Obviously conversations are already in the blockchain, but this will be useful if I have to upgrade or restart the app. It's basically a fix from having to do /start user key all the time.
  • Dashboard. Not sure what this is for yet
  • Steemconnect! So you don't have to specify a key! You can just register with steem connect and use your access token! Yay!
  • Group conversations

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Right now, there's an inconvenient...(flaw?) that requires you to use /start a little too frequently. Basically, it loses your conversation. I thought it was a feature, but now I see I should really have added conversation persistence in the beginning.


It does, but I'm bringing improvements in next few days. HUGE improvements.

  • steemconnect integration
  • conversation persistance
  • voting


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