Steemit Devs: Please force a fraction of a user's upvotes to go to other users.

in #steemdev3 years ago

I have been on the Steemit platform for ~6 weeks now and I can now see that one area for improvement is in the vote sharing algorithm.

The whale users can just upvote themselves and accrue all of the system's steemit.

There needs to be an adjustment in the software where:

  • Something like ~50% of your votes must go to other accounts.
  • These 'other account votes' must somehow be distributed among different accounts: maybe you can't upvote the same account more than once per day.

The actual numbers cited above are not important, what is important is a that a we need a curation distribution protocol to force spreading the upvotes out towards minnows and dolphins.

Otherwise I am afraid that Steemit will suffer from a severe wealth distribution problem and lose popularity.

Thanks for reading my post


Thx for the upvotes everybody