Heads up to users of asyncsteem and txjsonrpcqueue Python libraries: github projects about to disapear

in #steemdevlast year

If you are a Python developer and by chance you have been using either the Python 2 asyncsteem library, or the alpha stage Python 2+3 txjsonrpcqueue library, a little heads up.

Because of the STEEM blockchain heist, I no longer wish to be associated with STEEM in any way. For this reason I deleted a few projects from my github account, but so far I haven't deleted these asynchronous Python libraries yet.

I'm keeping both repos up for one more month, so anyone who wants to fork them is welcome till the first of July.

In the mean time I'm starting on a new asynchonous library aimed (at first) primarily at the HIVE JSON-RPC API. It will be based to a great extent on the design I made for the txjsonrpcqueue, but it won't share any code. The project has just started, so expect a few months before a first beta to become available here.

The reason why I'm writing this library from scratch is that it isn't an option to place new copyright restrictions on derived work, even if the original work is my own. And I really feel, given my strong stance regarding not wanting to have any remaining association of my continued work with the STEEM blockchain that an additional copyright restriction would be in order.

The additional copyright restriction I added to this new in-progress project is:

  • Derived work shall not add support for using this code with the JSON-RPC API of the STEEM blockchain, or the gRPC API of the TRON blockchain.

In the spirit of open source though, giving users of either library the opportunity to fork before I drop the projects from my github account seems the right thing to do.