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RE: Steem improvement proposal : Canonical links.

in #steemdev6 years ago (edited)

I never actually considered that this might be a problem, but now that you mention it, it's obviously an issue, and if it was to be fixed, I'm all for your proposed solution!

So although I agree with your solution, and I see the problem, I keep wondering if it will have negative side effects if it's solved.

One downside to actually solving this problem is that it might decrease Steemit's ranking, since it's basically competing with itself? I guess it's just a priority of what we want: A lot of decently ranked Steem-based sites or one really high ranking Steemit?

I also think it's important that people understand that all of these sites are connected in a collaborative ecosystem, and in that case I believe Steemit serves as a great portal to all those other apps. After all, posts written in other apps usually has a link to those apps, which I guess helps for their ranking?

In the end, I think Steemit will rank high enough anyways, so I'm all for implementing solution.


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