How to claim your rewards automatically? / 如何自动收取你的收益

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Ways to claim rewards

In my previous article, I had introduced you a simple tool written by me. Using it you can easily check wallet assets and also can accurately calculate the estimated account value.

And I also added a feature to remind the user if there are rewards to be claimed. In such a situation, the page will display a highlighted text: You have rewards to be claimed. When we get this prompt message, we can log in our wallet and click to claim our rewards.

But, Are you tired of this way? Check->Login->Claim or Login->Check->Claim, We do the same thing over and over again. Is there a way to help us do these things automatically? The answer is yes!

There is a operation called claim_reward_balance_operation

Unlike the Steem API, which we can call directly, to initiate this operation you need to fill out this structure, and make a transaction structure from it, sign it with your posting private key, and then broadcast it.

Script with the official python library for STEEM

It's too complicated for me. 😭
Fortunately, the official python library for STEEM did a lot of work for us, such as to fill out this structure, to make a transaction structure and to sign the translation with your posting private key, and to broadcast it.

All we need to do is call the method claim_reward_balance of Steem Class.

A simplest script maybe like this:

#!/usr/bin/env python
from steem import Steem
steem.claim_reward_balance(account = 'oflyhigh')

Let me save it as
To run the above script, we MUST do following things first:

  • Install steem-python with pip
    pip install -U steem

  • Get Posting private key
    Get Posting private key from Wallet->Permissions->Show private key

  • Import Posting private key to local wallet
    steempy addkey
    Input private key and set password for local wallet (First time)

  • Set UNLOCK environment variable

  • chmod u+x

Run the script automatically

You can add this script to cron job to let it run automatically at specified intervals.
crontab -e
0 0 * * * /path/ >>log.txt 2>&1

Then the script will be executed at 00:00 every day.
More details about crontab can be found by man crontab.

To claim rewards for multiple accounts is just as easy.
Create scripts for each account, and then setup cron job for each file. The benefit is that you can set different intervals for different users.

If you want to claim rewards for multiple account with same same interval, Place users in a list and then iterate through them may be the better way.






我们的目的是让脚本自动运行,这也没啥,加入到定时任务(Cron job)中就行啦。


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Thank you.


oh snap its Inertia with the script!
Making an entire steemit post apear obsolete and redundant! ooohhh!!!

O哥又一篇干货。我已经用上好久了,不过是从 @yuxi帖子里 看到了,也用了 crontab, 每10分钟领一次(几个帐号 for 一下就可以)。 :)


我用了4个多月了 😀




10分钟一次,omg 收入也te多了。嘿嘿

thx for sharing


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Good on you! I still do not understand the value of asking the user to "redeem" the rewards. It has an adictive affect, maybe helps keep traffic to the platform, but the platform should create value to the user, and not the other way around. This is the steemit way :)

Amazing tool!!

This is good!
Never knew of this until now.
Thank you for the information.
Keep it on...

Damnit this is genius, I'm a super beginner Python learner and I don't understand have of the programs you posted but is incredibly thrilled about this.!

Nice tool! I will try and get it to work on the following days.
Thanks for posting!


You are welcome.

Oh, this would be nice...

I am not too long around here on Steemit and when it comes to coding all I mastered until now is to print "Hello World" in Python, i.e. I already have python on my computer but don't know how to run routine like yours above...

Where to enter that commands e.g. that pip installation thing ?

Would be glad if you could help me...

Thank you !


Thanks for using tools. 👍

good post and seems good work

Tnx for this very useful information, but I will stick to clicking the blue button. I think my energy level can cope with that. ;-)


Lol. Yeah, it doesnt take much effort doing it. I actually look forward to claiming them manually.

this seems to be the tools for geeks only. I don't know linux - is there a simpler way to do this in windows.

Fully appreciate you for sharing this little tidbit with all of us Steemians out there.


nice post @oflyhigh . your story awesome

Really helpful. Will try

Gracias por tu post yompartir esa grandiosa herramienta con la comunidad steemit


Good post and very good information thank you for sharing.

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Thanks for the code

what you give .. very impressed .. hopefully what you reach friend achieve

Did you just used pure python language alongside the steam API? Or you also mixed it with another framework?


I use the official python library for STEEM.
You can get more details at

Thank you for sharing. Now, I have an idea because if this post. Keep sharing mate.

Wow this is damn helpful. Otherwise its always checking and claiming rewards again and again.

Thanks for sharing this handy info and help for us Steemians!

I already have a server!

I can just run thus script in cron!

Thanks for sharing this great tool :)

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Thanks for the info! I only have to claim my rewards once every few weeks at the rate I'm going lol.

Nice tool! I will try .
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其實為什麼當初steemit設計的時候不乾脆把獎勵設置成自動加入錢包呢? 我想人人都應該希望有獎勵可以即時拿到的



Love me!!!!! :D

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Excellent! I am noticing that we have so many developers and intellegent people in this platform! I wish we can all get together to do a life project for the poor people of the world. Really amazing!



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execl列表里有3个列,account amount memo. 是不是可以批量导入列表里面的记录,一一进行转账支付呢







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nice!!!! amazing tool!!! I have a Programming background before I become entrepreneur and this post brought some memories! :P
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