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RE: Fundition is just beginning

in #steemdev2 years ago (edited)

I got super pumped when I saw your beautiful website design and its features and I was super excited to create an account to see and try out all the features, however when I realized I was actually browsing a redesigned web version of Steemit I immediately closed the webpage.

I'm extremely disappointed to find that 'fundition' is using STEEM's blockchain, because the fact of the matter is, regardless of who posts on your 'fundition' interface, there will still be the exact same posts in trending, hot, etc, because the same whales are in charge of the money flow regardless of what web interface you use to view Steemit, and ‘fundition’ is simply put a mere web-viewing interface for Steemit and its unique blockchain, which is analogous to using an iPhone browser to browse Google Search – Would you call that innovative?

If 'fundition' had its own blockchain which allowed the user to support people and projects by using a new and decentralized currency and other crypto currency, then it might work extremely well, but since you just pasted this interface onto the already-existing economy and blockchain of STEEM/Steemit, you will most certainly only be giving people false hope at best, and at worst piss them off good when they find out they’re actually browsing a site that has already been around for 2 and a half years.


I don't think you understand that the novelty of the platform is precisely based on the use of crypto currency as a way to support initiatives that need to be funded. Fundition serves as a filter to show post seeking support through crowdfunding, in addition to other utilities that help make these requests.

Same economy, same whales, exactly the same votes; what changes? In my opinion: Nothing. Sorry

It's not just pasting it in. It's building on a very capable existing blockchain to enable the use of crypto in an already thriving community :)