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RE: Adapting the Google PageRank Algorithm for Steem Content Discovery

in #steemdev6 years ago

That's clever however wouldn't people just start making bots that Resteem instead of upvoting? Or they'd have bots for both.

As somone with under 100SP as I am still trying to grow my account I would struggle to get noticed and be pushed further down into the darkness of nothingness.

I think we need to host powerup sessions or something where smaller active users can gain bonus Steeem or SP this would help grow the platform.

Also it's relatively easy to burn through your upvotes.

Minnows should be able to upvote more posts handing out more 1c.

Once you reach a certain limit those upvote curations should reduce. Making Steemit more equitable and more democratic socialist in application.


The more resteems and account does, the weaker these are in the algorithm, so resteem bots should be less of a problem than it seems.

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