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RE: Adapting the Google PageRank Algorithm for Steem Content Discovery

in #steemdev6 years ago

This is really clever, Andy. I've been reading the #nobidbots and #nobidbot tags instead of Trending, but if we have an alternative that captures all posts, and ranks them by resteems by heavy accounts with infrequent resteems, that should give us a more organic Trending page; at least for a while.


Thanks! I'm quite pleased with the results given how little data and code is actually used for this. I think there's quite a lot of scope for further improvement.

What language is the code written in? I'd love to check it out. Have you considered making it available under an open source license?

It's Python code. I will probably open source it once it's a bit more developed.

It might be challenging to weed out competitions which require 'resteem to enter'. If a steemian only enters one of those a week and has a reasonable balance; and if there are many such steemians playing, that'll bump the comp up your list quite heavily.

That's true. It also benefits from being unknown at the moment. Only if I can get it to a point where a significant number of people use it, would we see how robust it is against abuse.

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