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RE: Introducing Steemhunt: Daily ranking of effortlessly cool products fueled by STEEM blockchain

in #steemdev5 years ago

Great work guys! We had eSteem on ProductHunt for a while now, but Steemhunt as you mention might not get much visibility there because of direct competitor... Love the idea, perhaps in future there will be better content discovery


@good-karma Wow thanks for your great support! Yes you are right. It may be not possible to be featured at all, and even not much visible after being featured. Once we have enough founding users on Steemhunt, we may prepare some fun marketing idea for featuring on ProductHunt. It's not concrete yet, but will share the idea when we are ready to do.

Good team @project7 and @tabris, greetings know and successful greetings.

Thanks a lot :)

great job will definitely get great benefits, great idea hopefully get rapid progress

@hermanlc Thanks a lot! We hope it will grow to compete with ProductHunt :)

Hopefully created a healthy competition in order to grow without certainly wronged another, I strongly support this great work. Congratulations @project7 work

Oh yes, it is very crucial. Good point. Thanks again!

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