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Futureshock is working hard to deliver you the best apps and tools for the Steem ecosystem to make your journey enjoyable and easier on the blockchain.

Fundition, the first decentralized and totally free to use crowdfunding platform,
Drugwars, the first massively multiplayer strategy and simulation game on the Steem Blockchain,
Steem Login, you new way to connect to your favorite Dapps, without the burden of changing keys, memoring keys, changing usernames etc,
Mimeebot, the only discord bot that will notify you about every and any moves that happen on the blockchain,
Steemscan (coming), your new easy and pleasant way to explore Steem.

We are taking one step further with our latest product "Teelkee" made for Steem; to take over all other social platforms. It will be released very soon, but first...

Mobile app testers are needed


We are finally bridging the gap by developing a social blogging & cross-canal mobile app that was missing since the present ones are leaving the ship or in standby with no further development.

What we are looking for today is testers. We want to put the mobile app and the Steem ecosystem in 2.8Bn people’s pocket which is why we need a thorough, precise, detailed, test before actually launching the product, and of course some battle-tests.

We are recruiting 50 testers with an android phone. (don’t worry Iphone is coming later)

We need you to be:

  • super critical
  • ready to test and try everything on the mobile app
  • ready to break the mobile app
  • do more than testing the app on the surface
  • you also need to own a twitter account (for crossposting test on twitter)

Basically what we ask from you is to detect all the bugs in the mobile app, to tell us about your experience with the app, and what is missing from your perspective.

We know it’s a lot that we ask from you which is why we only need serious people, those who aren’t afraid to spend lots of time testing, and actually appreciate testing things.

How to apply?

You should comment under this post the reason why you should join this experience. The Futureshock team will then send you a link in few days to download the app in a memo.
Remember: it’s exclusively open to Android users, not IOS. We will start another testing campaign as soon as the app is ready for IOS.

Some screenshots:

Trending - User profile - Comments - Search


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment, we will answer them one by one.

Also, don’t forget to vote for your most useful witness @future.witness . After the mobile app we have other useful and enjoyable apps and tools for you, but of course in order to launch them we need your support.
We would also congrats the new Steemit Team (don't forget to follow @steemitblog if you are not already doing it) for their recent activities on the chain. That give us the will to do even more and to compete with them to improve Steem and its ecosystem with our works.


Stoked to try out Teelkee.

Steem Witness building dapps for the chain.


I am interested in this.

As a former moderator in Utopian bug-hunting category, I know what this entails.

I would love to test because it help onboard more users into the steem blockchain and will make blogging on steem easier and effective

I can try to do some testing.

It Looks Amazing, Would Get It. :)

I have 30 years of software experience, most of that as a beta tester for various projects. Would love to check this out.

Another product from @futureshock, guys don't change anything ^^

The app is looking impressive

It looks amazing . I would love to test it .

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