Truth; chat transcripts to follow

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Steemit is not a platform where the truth is welcomed.

Steemit is a propaganda platform for vests, the currency that underlies steem, steem power and steem backed dollars.


Oh, right, those links!

This is what I submitted:

This is what was preferred to that by @sneak:

Thing is, I don't know what @sneak was trying to solve, to this day. He gave some notions here:

But I don't see his 3-400 lines of go. I see a community struggling to justify its existence because of a very dishonest founding crew. I see deception.

I will accept donations towards the development of a non-deceptive alternative that doesn't use graphene. By the way, you can download it right here:

that is a link to a binary for linux. It will serve to port 80.

When you realize that you are in a sandbox created by dishonesty, you should leave the sandbox. I will be posting this in the steemit chat, as well. @l0k1, @ebryans and I are working around the clock on this. We do, however, need money in order to continue to do it. We will accept donations, partnerships, or software dev contracts provided that they help us get to our target: build what this system ought to have been, were it done honestly. Please, go ahead and ask @ebryans about his research into steemit, inc's finances.

We will not create software for interfacing with steem or graphene.
Fuzzy, after I took your contract, you admitted to me that you'd heard that the APIs for steemd were obfscuated. If you deny it, I will post those messages, as you so kindly did mine. And that, sir, is how you burned your money. You had insider information that the code you asked me to build on top of was broken, deliberately. You are not a friend, you're one of the whales who conspired to set up the siphon. For my part, I am far too trusting.
Bonus PDF! Did you know @sneak writes Go?

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LOL...our contract? As per our contract you were supposed to complate a job for 7k. I soent over 2x that and received nothing but a constant stream of excuses.

Annnnd enough drama to last me years.

Oh faddat you have so screwed everything up man. Its ok. Since you want to take it THIS far im going through a list of people to give testimonials on you from way before steem. Wanna see how many of them would work with you again?

YOU force me to do shit like this. Because you know what id prefer to do? Work on things that bring value to this community instead of syphon it off them.



So, I take it I need to post those chats now. Got it. Heard ya loud and clear man.


Please do man. I have info on some cool activitoes of yours outside steemit im starting to find out about.

I wonder. How far will you take it? Apparently you dont care.


I'm not ashamed of me.

You don't have anything to be ashamed of either-- except of course the same thing that I should be ashamed of: Not shouting from the rooftops that there were issues in graphene.

Graphene has earned its less than stellar reputation.

You haven't earned one of those IMO (except by association with graphene). Dan/Ned and some others.... yeah, certainly. Post anything you see fit to about me.


Go for it fuzzy.

Do whatever you'd like. Anyone reading the chats between you and I will be able to plainly see that you are a very decent:

  • Husband
  • Father
  • Community Advocate (for a commmunity with far, far too many secrets, that didn't always do you right)
  • Ideator for cryptocurrency related economic models

I've been real consistent-- except in my recent post-- that you are a decent guy. And I should probably amend that post. Reading through these chats, I can see that clearly. I am not ashamed of me fuzzy. Not one iota. You shouldn't be ashamed of you either-- except of course the bit about covering for graphene. That's not cool. It also wasn't cool that I did the same.

I have no desire to fuck up the slightest anything in your world. I just want this buried truth public, so either you can admit it or I can post all of these chats entirely unredacted (how else would anyone know they're legit?)-- it is your choice fuz.


"Covering for graphene eh?" Inhear these days you are over on other githubs. Please stay there or build something. Quit wasting time. This is not productive. Please be productive.

Until you produce things other than excuses, FUD, and drama...i consider you toxic to have around.

Think what you want man. You fucked me. Not steem. Not graphene. You. Own it...and prove you cam build something better before asking for money.

I am 100% certain that wont happen.
Im also 100% certain you will INSTEAD produce at least another few drama, Fud and excuse articles on steemit though! Seems u have plenty of time for that.


Reputation matters, fuz.

Problems in code need to be shouted from the rooftops.

People depend on code. People can be hurt by code.


Ug. Pleas dont preach to me about reputation.
I have a good one. You have a shit one. I wonder why...

I find this post intriguing, for many reasons.



The most intriguing thing about it is that sub-posts (comments) have disappeared.


Story of my life. BUT you've been here long enough to know. I could but i won't go back and check. I have always been a strong advocate for something different here. Best wishes with your new endevour. If you or anyone can correct issues Steemit has it will be life altering.

As for now, I have learned my place here. I, and the many others who who lack legs to stand on, want something different. Could it be your idea or could Steemit change into that... That is my contemplation... What's the competition? No one else is dong this. More people looking for something similar than sticking around.

Coming from a guy who made big bucks with Steemit Whale love and now makes jack squat.

The next best thing will be the Next best thing. Do it!!!

More are listening to you than the view and votes count for. Do it dude!! really!!

I can say these things cause ; err umm, let me rephrase... I already lost favour with whales and guilds. My content remains same or similar quality. No logical reason for me to go from averaging $20+ per post to $2 a post.

But SOOOO Many feel same. Just show it!! Prove It!!!

(not a troll)


Workin on it :).

Nothing personal, but I'm downvoting - this post is not adding any value to the Steem blockchain, and is taking rewards away form the users that are.



Posts like this and others like it are the only hope this poo-chain has. Have you even read my posts from the past few days?

If it wasn't for the "smell our roses" policies out of stinc, I wouldn't need to write this....