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As most of you know I'm a software developer and also trainer and I really like technology world. I really like steemit but sometimes I really had that feeling that it doesn't have that features that I need.
For this reason I decided to learn something new. I never made Chrome plugins and with this occasion I'll start to learn how to do them. I will do something useful for me and, I hope, for other users also.
At this moment The app name is oSteem (I didn't find a better name, but if you have a better suggestion drop me a comment. The first feature of this app is to filter the feed posts in order to see only "VIP" users posts.

What is the VIP user list

The VIP user list is a list of users defined by yourself. You should follow this users first so, long story short, VIP users are your favorite part of Following list.

Why this VIP user list is useful?

I don't know how are you, but sometimes I enter steemit but I'm in hurry and in these 5-10 minutes I want to see content only for a part of my followers that I really really like.
Of course this is the first feature, if you have ideas for new features drop me a comment and I'll prioritize them.

In order to do this Chrome extension today I learned how to configure the manifest.json file and I configured it as you can see in the printscreen.

oSteem extension 02.PNG

The result of this configuration is this little icon with a small html popup. In the next post I'll bring more information.

oSteem extension.PNG

If you have any question about the manifest file or about any subject programming related drop me a comment and I'll be happy to answer you.

Enjoy Steeming!

I'm Ovidiu RUDI and I'm a traveller, software developer and IT Trainer and I write on Invatam Programare. I write about programming, how to learn programming and travelling. Here on Steemit you may stay updated by following me @djvidov.
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Awesome steem really does need more feed filtering. Any way to save the metadata on the chain so that other apps could pick it up as a filter?

hey, i was upgrading @netuoso's great script to do something similar without chrome dependency:

steemit-custom-scripts/FilterByReputation-ShowUnvotedOnly.user.js at master · eapo/steemit-custom-scripts
and there is a
User Script: Filter by Tag in SteemIt -- by @netuoso — Steemit to make it better

Yes, but you should use TamperMonkey or something similar and this is geeky and not so user friendly for non technical people.

Nice, so if I understand well this is like another level of "Flollow" ?

Yes @transisto, this is an another level of Follow. If you're familiar with Facebook it will be like Closed Friends from it.

Link to addon ?

hi @transisto! At this moment the extension/addon it's in development and I'll need 1-2 days to release first version on chrome web store. But if you want I can send you an alpha version as zip. :)

Well done! Keep us updated :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you @dragosroua, I'll tell you about updates. I hope in maximum one week to have first beta extension. :)

Seems legit. Good work.

Thank you!

Super useful! Thank you for building it. Looking forward to this.

Ovidiu, will this include a notification feature? Also, would it be very time consuming, once you've created the extension for Chrome, to also build it for Firefox?

Thank you @anonimnotoriu! For the for the first release it will not include a notification feature, but we can include it. How do you like to looks this feature?
I don't know at this moment what is necessary to do in order to make it also for Firefox. But if I'll see many users that will need it also for Firefox I'll invest time to do it also for Firefox. But this will happen after Chrome version will have some bug free features.

The pop-up looks good. Maybe when one clicks the icon it will show a list of the vip users with a hyperlink for each of them so one can go directly to their profile and maybe a little button to turn the extension on or off? Maybe also showing a little red number for each of the vip users representing how many new posts each of them have made since the last time you visited their profile? :)

I'm not sure if that's such a good idea though. Just throwing it out there. :)

I think I got the idea, but I cannot see the image from your post.

ah, I see it. my idea is to filter: https://steemit.com/@djvidov/feed. Instead to see all feeeds to see feeds only from vip users.

We are looking forward for your update!

IN next few days you will have also updates. :)

Hope to see this done asap. I feel I loose a lot of great content daily.

Unfortunately I have the same feeling daily, Specially after notification server died?

seems like a great extension for the steem platform

Thank you!

I really like the idea!

Thank you!