Mac Touch Bar script to track the STEEM/SBD price

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Early this morning, I read that @emrebeyler wrote a MacOS Status bar app to track the STEEM price. I thought it was a neat idea given that we are seeing some positive prices in the last couple of weeks. I have a MacBook Pro, so I whipped up a quick shell script to display this on the Touch Bar. It uses the 3rd party BetterTouchTool, jq (for json parsing) and the CoinGecko API (thanks @coingecko!):


It updates every 15 minutes and you can force an update by tapping on the prices itself. @themarkymark suggested in @emrebeyler's app that he also include the SBD price—so I have added this in my Touch Bar version. Hope you find this useful!

#! /bin/bash

output=$(curl -s ",STEEM-DOLLARS&vs_currencies=USD");
steem=$(echo $output | /usr/local/bin/jq ".steem.usd");
steem=$(printf "%0.2f" $steem)
sbd=$(echo $output | /usr/local/bin/jq ".\"steem-dollars\".usd");
sbd=$(printf "%0.2f" $sbd)
echo "STEEM \$$steem, SBD \$$sbd"

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Thanks for posting this, I hope a lot of people find it useful.

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Thanks for sharing this. I hope a lot of people enjoy it.

I don't use macos, but this looks really nice. Congratulations on the project.

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